The Daily Climb-Tuesday, Jan. 3rd, 2012

Tuesday, Jan. 3rd, 2012 – The study of Human Nature is fascinating. Every day, we see people Living, moving, acting out roles in so varied environments and circumstances. It all seems contained within the boundaries of postponing the inevitable on one side, and reaching for the unattainable, on the other side. In between, there are all of the lessons of life. There are accounts of stress and desperation. There are displays of temporal power. There are stories of people defeated, before they started.  There are people who inspire, and those who discourage. Some seem to avoid the just reward for their deeds, and others who suffer misfortune they didn’t deserve. Through all of it, we as observers try to find meaning in why things are the way they are.  Just when we think we’re certain about anything, we find that there are details that we weren’t aware of. If we shake our heads and walk away without considering what happened and what it means, we have lost something. We always have an opportunity to learn something that will be important to us, later. With that thought in mind,  today will present bus with new lessons. Class is in session.


The generation that lived through the Great Depression is remembered as The Greatest Generation. Losing everything and moving on to build a life that far outweighs the loss is what they are remembered for. There are many racing analogies that come to mind, but there is one that is particularly descriptive of these circumstances. You set the car up for the end of the race, not the start. As the race wears on, the track comes to you. I heard that in an interview, after Jack Johnson won a big block Modified race at Lebanon Valley Speedway. Good advice from a smart man.

It hasn’t mattered who won since 1867. That’s when the system was changed. The Federal corporation conquered the States and abolished them. The States were replaced by subsidiary corporations. When you see the term “this state”, it means legal status within the Federal corporation.

More Enabling Acts. It didn’t happen overnight in Germany, but they’re trying to set a new record. Zero to Tyranny in a few months. This may not get out of committee, but they won’t stop trying.…_Introducin%E2%80%8Bg%3A_H.R._3166_%26amp%3B_S._1698_Enemy_Expatriati%E2%80%8Bon_Act%21/17278/0/0/0/Y/M.html

Thank you for posting this. I know many dog owners who will be interested in this.

That’s handy information if someone has to deal with a crisis. Any disaster that disrupts deliver systems needs a backup plan.

Title 50 of U. S. Code says we don’t have to be told, either. Decades of chemical and biological testing on U. S. citizens have gone unreported and unchallenged. We don’t find out about the dangers until decades have passed.

Yes, that is a real gun show. Having fired a 50 Cal Barrett, I do appreciate what the right tool for the right application means.

This is what I’ve been telling people for 30 years. Get away from the cities. Find safe drinking water, or have a good carbon block filter. Grow and store food. Independence is priceless.

That’s an interesting concept. Securing belongings usually involves bringing our stuff, wherever we go.

That looks a lot better than some of the places I’ve slept, in the past 30 years..

Life is good. When my blog post, “Purchasing Power Limits” was published in the local newspaper, I did send 5 copies to my mother. Enjoy the coffee. We don’t always have it.

Officially, there are 10 million people in the U. S. that are one month’s expenses away from being out in the street. W8ith what is going on with the economy, more people than that are slowly being squeezed out. Thank God for the shelters, food banks and outreach programs.

We can only be in one place, at one time, doing one thing at a time. We’re not God. Some people get angry with us because we’re not God, and can’t just hand them everything they want. The rest are glad that we’re not God, because there would be a lot of smoking holes in the ground.

This doesn’t work. None of the wage slaves can get that deal for themselves. Yet, people allow the federal corporation to write bad checks, in their name.

This is madness. Iran gets off on the wrong foot. Impeding international trade by threat of military confrontation never works.Of course, economic sanctions do make people combative. This is reminiscent of Japan’s position, prior to Pearl Harbor. Like it or not, positions have been stated, and a standoff is in progress.

There’s a lot to be said in favor of being a realist. It makes it much easier to state the obvious. For there to be anything to manipulate, someone really has to get paid, and stay paid. This system of revolving debt is far from reality. The paper currency won’t cut it, anymore. People who take possession of physical gold and silver at the point of sale, know the difference.

I’ve always found this time of year to be stranger than fiction. But then, I’ve seen some strange behavior. I’ve seen people with no money, walk around pushing a cart for an hour, then park the cart filled with “shopping”.

First, I want to thank you for following my blog. I know that the things that I write are outside of most people’s comfort zone. I’ve searched the world for people who tell me I’m wrong. The Emerson quote has a lot to do with that. As long as I can remember, if I said anything about anything, a dozen people would pop up to tell me I was wrong, and it just won’t work. They trained me well. I don’t wait for a crowd to agree with me. They gave me an independent streak.

The good thing about writing is that I don’t have to be brilliant continuously. That would make my head hurt. I never forget the moments when something comes out that reaches someone and they respond. Writers write to be read, first. To be understood is a gem.

I’m very familiar with Dave Hunt’s work, from when I worked in talk radio. I see that there is a system of interlocking relationships in the financial, political and religious spheres that are forming the Beast system, The Great Whore of Babylon


Having experienced so many instances when the effort was there, the form of thought was there, but the fire just wasn’t lit, I can say that there is no substitute for a purpose worth risking everything that might be gained.

If investor sentiment could solve the debt problem, then that would be something worth the confidence that a rally seeks. Since sentiment can’t defy gravity or the debt load, there is nothing upward that is sustainable. Of course in the short attention span of the large institutions, a few seconds might be considered sustainable. That might work for recording a profit by the end of the day, but it doesn’t work, in the real world. The price of Powerball tickets is going to double. Is anyone long on those?

Having been a photographic speed reader since the age of 4, I quickly ran out of things to read. I read the dictionary and phone books, just to ease the boredom. I still read everything in front of me, but I do focus on relevant topics. I follow over 100 blogs. I search through Internet search results, incessantly. I read Black’s Law Dictionary, regularly. I have a link for it, online. It’s in the list on my blog site and in some of my blog posts. Yes, reading does enhance understanding of meaning. Pronunciation and typing lag behind, in my case.


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