The Daily Climb-Friday, Dec. 30th, 2011

Friday, Dec. 30th, 2011 – Here we are, going into the last weekend of 2011. What can we expect in 2012? The world certainly took a turn for the worse, in 2011. My friends around the world welcome me to the real world. The United States now has internal security checkpoints, just like they do. The media accounts on this are delusional. None dare call it martial law. As the Corporate Oligarchy tightens it’s micro – managing grip, more people will see what I’ve been told, for years. It really is worse than I say it is. We have seen an end to anything contained in the Bill of Rights. There has been no Constitution since 1867, anyway. They drag the document out to make people feel nostalgic while they’re waving the flag and celebrating the Corporate Wars of Conquest. Yes, you should explain to your children why they should be proud to be cannon fodder. On the bright side, world events are coming to a grand climax. Future history is unfolding, just as it is written. That is important. There is strong delusion in the world. Without written standard of measure, there is no sound judgment. We know that things are not as we are told they are, No further proof of the deception is needed. The economy is not as good as we are told it is. These constant wars are fought for reasons other than what we are told. The truth will bear out. Currencies and governments will continue to collapse. They will be replaced by central bank receivership, shackled in debt slavery. The United States is already deep into it. None dare call it slavery. We prefer the comfort of delusion that we are free. The velvet glove is coming off the iron fist, and people are getting hit.  Destruction is coming.  Search the Scriptures for the way you should go.


Shabbat shalom! For those interested in Hebraic Roots teaching, the Talking Torah room on PalTalk is open, through the day.

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On a personal level, an individual doesn’t have to wait for an entire State to secede. State Nationality is a requirement to be a State. There must be 60,000 State Nationals on the land defining that State. U. S. citizens can not secede. That would be a legal impossibility. They are still shareholders in the Federal corporation, imported statutory persons, legal trusts, and aliens in the state they legally reside in. For the purpose of this statement, a State is an area of land with living, flesh and blood human beings living on it. A state is a subsidiary to the Federal corporation. To properly secede, people must refute the presumption of U. S. citizenship and assert their State Nationality. The links to research this are in my links list.

A plan tested in an actual event is a plan with credibility. I’m posting the link to this.

Regulations create agents sent forth to devour all of the people’s substance. Thomas Jefferson was right. We do live, piled one atop another, as they do in Europe, and we have become as corrupt as.Europe. The notion that bureaucracy is good is a European concept.

Georgesblog – for Social Conscience My first thought was “NOT!”

2011 ends with more shackles on the economy than it started with. Regulatory micromanagement and an open – ended public debt load are combining to kill consumer activity and business expansion. I can’t see how 2012 comes out good.

Everything I see starts with the currency is not money. It follows that the economy tends toward disintegration. Prediction of an upside fall to the ground, dead. The talking heads on the financial news present the lie with all their might. No matter how convincing they are, the currency is still just paper.

Another applicable word would be “Derelictocracy”. Public officials are presumed to know the law.
In the Supreme Court case of Screws vs. United States, that was the majority opinion in the ruling.

It takes a lot of control to keep the welfare state livestock under control. We see the public response in European countries, when austerity measures are announced. If 46 million people are notified that the food stamps are not in the mail, it could get ugly. But wait a minute! Didn’t government create this problem when politicians bought vote with promised handouts?

Politicians have always buttered their own bread, with the high priced spread. The taxpayers take care of that, and it doesn’t cost the politicians a dime

Both Capitalism and Socialism have been absorbed into Corporatiam., There is no right to private ownership of property, anymore. If there was, we could grow our own food and make our own way in life. Instead, the heavy hand of corporate intrusion and invasion exerts it’s power, everywhere. The Wars of Corporate Conquest continue.

In many places, homelessness isn’t that good. Setting up a tent would bring instant attention from the police. It would also bring a $195 fine that homeless people can’t pay. Homeless people are often hunted down like animals, deprived of their meager possessions, and harvested by the courts.

I see that we are reliving the 1930s. All of the economic, political and social conditions are repeating. We can not stand silent while this is happening.

We have to see beyond where we are, and know that better is possible.

Many are trapped in the artificial construct of technology and convenience. Returning to the old paths and the old ways is a good thing. It’s independence.

That was a step towards the reality of homelessness. The hours between 11 M and Dawn can be miserable. In winter, the cold can keep you pinned down, until time to get up and get coffee, on a good day.

Thank you for your service. I have many friends who are sleeping outdoors. If it were not for the shelters, food banks and outreach programs, life would be much more difficult.

I have many friends who are sleeping outdoors. In extreme weather, there are shelters that open. If it were not for the shelters, food banks and outreach programs, life would be very hard for many people.

I’m sure that the charts for the collapse of the Roman Empire followed the same pattern. Making coinage out of base metals and military expansion caught up with them. History is repeating.

The stage is set. The conflict between force of wills and ideologies will play out, to conclusion. There will be a gloating winner, and a resentful loser. This is a classic split in the making.

The FDA worships at the altar of Monsanto, on this one. Control the food, control the people.

At least people are beginning to figure this out. The president is the president because he’s the one the banks want.

There is no grounding in reality, for the markets. The paper speculation is just hanging from a noose, by the ankle. It’s going to be a long drop to the ground, when everything cuts loose. 2012 will be the dead cat bounce before the depression that makes everyone forget about the ’30s. We’ll have enough trouble to deal with.

It’s the Lyndon Johnson “Silent Majority” thing all over, again. Decision are made with support from imaginary people that no one knows.

People have been dropping out of the wage slave system for generations. There are people who never got into it. With each passing day, the corporate structure becomes less relevant and more intrusive. Some people respond by just saying no, and walking away from it. They don’t have any other choice. There is nothing there, for them.

Technology is available today that tyrants could never imagine. That box is open, and there is no closing it. We are way beyond 1984. All that is left to us is to be who we are, speak the truth, and seek the good path that leads to deliverance and redemption.

Following through on the line of reasoning, government bonds are an act of war, committed by governments, against their own people.

The paper gold market is collapsing. MF Global fixed that. Try getting the real metal in your hand. The physical market is a different planet. The fiat universe is made of anti – money. It destroys real wealth. With that understanding, the speculation markets should make perfect sense.

Yes, shoot the messenger. Like that has ever worked, right? The historical fact is that Corporatism always does the big crash and burn. People just don’t get it. There are two very divergent realities to choose from. One is genuine, the other is deception. We see it in our expectations. The American Way is truth, justice, compassion, industry, ingenuity, honesty ….. etc. The United States Way is about eliminating competition, by whatever means necessary. In 2012, we have to wake up and smell the coffee, before the price goes up.

Harmon Taylor makes complex things so easy to understand. That’s why I’ve been getting his free newsletter for years.

It will be Tuesday before people can do anything about what they missed while they were distracted by the noise and commotion of New Year’s. The world certainly changed for the worse, in 2011. But we’ll leave the new year to it’s own trouble. We will come back to see who’s being downgraded, who’s lining up at the Fed to get some more funny money, and we always have political intrigue and scandal. Catch your breath and rest. We’re going to need it.

People must have to be serious control freaks to be involved with government. When I heard that there were people in government and the private sector that viewed the common people the same way that a hunter viewed a deer in a field, it made my skin crawl. That’s what commerce does. It skews human values and takes on a purely commercial mindset.

It’s poison spreading through the financial system. Celebrate New Year’s while you can. A year from now is very unlikely to be this good.

I ask people if they are financially conservative, or Biblically conservative. I see a lot of hesitation, with that question

That’s why I wrote “Fiat Addiction”. Fake money has similar effects to drug addiction.


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