Thursday, Nov. 17th, 2011

Thursday, Nov. 17th, 2011 – Everything in the news says that this is going to be a rough day for stock markets, especially in Europe. Spain had a miserable bond auction. The lack of confidence is to be expected. The promises of politicians, bankers and other thieves don’t inspire confidence.

That is an interesting development, combined with the fact that there already is a database in Australia, capable of storing information on every human being on earth.

I’ve been angry about this for the last 40 years. These details were common knowledge in the talk radio station I worked in, for 6 years. Since 1970, the Steel Belt became the Rust Belt, the High Tech industry moved to foreign countries, and the United States mopes along, flipping each other’s burgers.

There are many points raised by this question. First, since Corporatism respects no national boundaries, anyone with small change in their pocket looks like food to the central bank predators. Second, if you have change in your pocket, less than a dollar, you are among the top 5% wealthiest people in the world. If you have more than a dollar, you’re in the top 2%. The point is, people had better learn how to stay out of the line of commercial fire.

When big people poke around in each other’s business, little people get stepped on.

Thieves of a feather flock together. The way the United States has been parted out, the more desperate politicians and bankers get in their hunt for anything that isn’t nailed down.

The foreclosure notice is in the mail. After this morning’s bad news, the story just broke on Zero Hedge that the European Market has collapsed. No further news has been forthcoming. Hell is coming to breakfast.

It’s a dismal day, unless you’re a central bank opposed to the ECB. The European tradition of backstabbing and intrigue continues. For the rest of us, there is always hope that the windows of Heaven would open up. So far, the septic tank of Hell has backed up into everyone’s kitchen sink.

If the economists had their way, everyone would be required by law to get every last penny they can get their hands on, into a cash register, ASAP. That’s how the Company Store business model works. People are set up for a fall, behind on the debt curve.

Print, rally and then another step down in the currency collapse. Central banks are in the wealth transfer business. They persuade people to sell their property and their souls for worthless paper. The objective of commerce is always conquest.

Here it comes. The speculation about “what if …..” is over. These bond auctions are starting badly. There is no reason to expect that they will finish better. Governments are in no position to work the Shell Game, buying up their own bonds and putting them in the other pocket. We can watch the markets react, but we can’t expect too much.


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