The Daily Climb-Wednesday, Nov. 9th, 2011

Wednesday, Nov. 9th, 2011  With the world financial markets losing a “No Confidence” vote, the Grand Delusion of fiat currencies will have to shift gears. I liken the situation to someone having to adjust to a new mood altering drug, because the old ones don’t work, anymore.  Italy in the news will make it interesting.  Every time you see gold in the news, that should set off alarm bells in your head. This madness seems to have no end in sight. With the problems in foreclosure fraud, this could become the perfect financial storm.

This is notable only if it remains unique. I see it as a foreshock of bigger things to come. I have always believed that no investment strategy fcan survive a complete currency collapse. The related systemic failures in delivery systems and general marketing practices make even physical holdings in gold and silver dysfunctional in the business cycle.

People have no idea. They also don’t understand that their personal choice of legal tender makes them part of the problem.

This is the functional way that nations are told that their “money” is no good. The rubber is not meeting the road.

I go back to Alan Stang’s words on Independence Day in 2006. Alan laid out the meaning of independence and the terms and conditions of war. If we know these things, we must also know the tactics involved. “If we do not know that there is a war …. we will lose”.

The history is very clear. When understood in the context of Corpoatism, we see that history wasn’t anything like what we were taught.

Harmon Taylor has done a lot of work in this area, over the          FREE NEWSLETTER A few years ago, I heard that the largest purchaser of water right in the Western United States was China. That was a disturbing piece of information. A government official may resign, but the debt won’t go away. Money talks, and everything else walks.


All of the legal fictions set up future fraud. The real money, equity in property, and proprietary interest was lost when acceptance of fiat currency occurred. The horse left that barn, long ago.

The turnip is in the vise, and the screw is being tightened. This story won’t go away, anytime, soon.

Gold is money. Paper is not money. We are seeing the consequences of central bank fraud.

I saw the documentary on giant waves, out in the open ocean. That was fascinating and even more of a mystery. Where they form, there are no evident structures or conditions that would create those waves. The hypothesis is that the combination of wind and current combines the energy of 2 or more waves to generate 90 ft. waves.

People come and go, and if it’s done properly, there isn’t too much commotion. Unfortunately, none of this is being done properly. Commotion is a mild term for what we’ll see, this week.

We have to learn how to duck. We can’t be blindsided by events.


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