The Daily Climb-Wednesday, Dec. 7th, 2011

Wednesday, Dec. 7th, 2011 – As the weeks plod along, there are more and more articles on dealing with economic collapse. Before engaging in discussion about scenarios, we must have our priorities right. They are water, food and shelter, in that order. This isn’t about comfort. It’s about staying free and alive. And, lest I forget and do WW II veterans a disservice, it’s not my fault that they and the rest of the country were lied to, about Pearl Harbor. The facts contradict the official account. American pilots in American built planes were flying combat missions out of China, against Japan, since 1939. At the time of Pearl Harbor, Japan was under a U. S. imposed embargo. No petroleum products were permitted to enter Japanese territorial waters.  Will the next war have to be so complicated a lie as the sinkings of the Maine, the Lusitania or any of the other fabrications that roused U’ S. public support for war? The world is worn out from war. I’m sure that U. S. citizens are worn out from paying for war.

The common thread through all of this is that this is an anti – human agenda. People are legally reduced to the status of livestock, “human resources”. People are herded and harvested, like cattle. In the 20th century, 140 million people were murdered by their own governments.


I don’t write much fiction. Perhaps I should. I need to write a futuristic novel in which possession of paper currency is a felony. I’ll have to let that thought germinate, overnight. I may wake up with a title for it, who knows?


I know the legal reasons that voting is a dead end. But, as long as people want to play that game, they should do something constructive. Gingrich reminds us of why it would be a step in the right direction to vote to leave Federal offices vacant, and turn government over to state legislatures.


It takes a rude awakening to understand that gold and silver aren’t measured by the currency, but the other way around. I know of several people who’ve known that for at least 20 years.


Sugar coating incidents and refusing to describe the cause and enemy is social and national suicide. At least we are much more truthful when we describe Federal activity as malfeasance and dereliction of duty.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Over the decades, I’ve read everything I could get my hands on, about the motives, politics and circumstances of WW II. This confirms everything I’ve seen, over the past 35 years.


There is no difference between money that people don’t have, and currency that is a facade for money that never existed. It comes out the same way.


To say that the Euro hit an iceberg is an understatement. Fittingly, there is a documentary on the Titanic, on the History Channel, right now. Interesting timeline. At 2:10 AM, the stern rose in the air. Within the half hour, 1500 people were dying or dead, in the water. The eurozone collapse could be just as sudden.


It could be just gamesmanship and play acting. While the ECB and the national banks take turns playing “good cop/bad cop”, the Euro burns and populations are caught in the middle.


Corporatism sees populations as livestock, “human resources”. Cradle – to – grave management of such resources has no human priorities. The bottom line profit is the only goal that Corporatism pursues.


As I describe it, the paradigm shift is a step down in the currency collapse. Of course, no central bank would admit that a currency collapse is in progress. Wealth transfer through devaluation makes people very angry. No Ponzi scheme is going to admit that it has a cash flow problem. When in Zimbabwe, just knock 19 zeros off the currency, and call it good.


We’ve had rumblings and warnings, all year. The security forecast released by DHS in the Spring contained mention of contingency plans for dealing with cannibalism in the major cities. It’s looking more and more like what I described in “Wage Slave 2012″.

The continental United States has been divided into 80 “free trade” zones, each with a Port of Entry. Any place designated “Port of …..” is in international jurisdiction.


Treading on thin ice, in the dark, is always unnerving. I have always seen market sentiment as being more ignorant than brave. There is no more insecure footing than borrowed debt. That fear surfaces every day, in the markets.


Again and again, the statements affirm the fact. The objective of commerce is always conquest. Just as one man tries to make another the extension of his will, so does political agenda, through commercial action. It has always been so.


The historical record is that real things beat fiat currencies and all of their debt representations, every time. The lie is always exposed. A currency war, a battle among fabricated alternate legal realities is just a race to get to the train wreck.


It is interesting to see the ways and means of denying claims. The example is Hurricane Katrina. Insurance companies refused to pay legitimate claims, and did so with the most convoluted excuses they could imagine. I call the insurance industry what it is. It’s a protection racket, preying on vulnerable people, using fear as a tool of coercion. In the present stage of the currency collapse, the insurance companies will find new ways to tap into public treasuries. Heads they win, tails you lose.


This will do for Europe what the New Deal did for the United States. That was the agreement that locked the people into a debt game that they could not win. Now, the Federal Reserve joins hands with the ECB to go forth and conquer.


The objective of commerce is always conquest. The battlefields are commerce and politics. Government and business enter into agreements that bring restraint of trade against free people. Taxation is a weapon in that war. In a Supreme Court ruling in the 1870s, the majority opinion stated that the power to tax is the power to destroy. Since then, government has developed more methods and infrastructure for the purpose of enslaving people.


Most of the time, I read stories like this and think, “Ho Hum. The fox is in charge of the hen house”. In the case of Goldman Sachs, it would be more accurate to say that the pimps are running the brothel. Yet, as long as people insist on playing the Federal Reserve debt game, it’s their sporting house, their rules, their games of chance, poker chips and playing cards. This is how people end up inthe gutter, tapped out and broke.


Rule # 1 is avoid detection. The less you have to interact with strangers and expose your location, the better. Whatever you have when a crisis flares, is all you’ve got. It might be too late to go shopping.


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