The Daily Climb-Wednesday, Dec. 21st, 2011

Wednesday, Dec. 21st, 2011 – More people are aware today that the Euro is running out of straws to grab. The signal of the beginning of the end was the people lined up outside banks in Greece and Latvia, waiting to pull there deposits out. We can expect to see a lot more of that, as other countries get squeezed out of the Eurozone. There’s no turning back, now. The banks have been “Ponzi” – ing as fast as they can go, to get to this point. The crisis will wolf down that $1 Trillion from the Fed like it was a light snack, to hold it over until lunch. The banks are in too deep, and things are changing, too fast.  The shocks are coming. Bank failures can’t be forestalled, any longer. The warning signs are there. As ratings are lowered and we start to see bank holidays, the crisis will intensify. The markets run on rumor and spin. We see repeated stories that the markets hope for the best, and then bail out.  The credit crunch reached the street in Greece, with disastrous and violent results. People get irritable and short tempered when they’re backed into a corner. If there is a positive in developing situations, I haven’t seen it.

We are being led out of this corporate, commercial system. There’s no other way to say it. This society implements the tenets and practices of every pagan society in history. Family life makes it very difficult to walk away from the comforts we have known. We are all in different places on that path. Yet, come out of Babylon, we must.

Under stress, like trying to get to sleep in a sleeping bag on the ground, you have no other choice but to wait it out. Sunrise is coming, and not a second sooner. That becomes a goal.

Good lesson. We literally have to live and learn.

Water, Food, Shelter. The first 3 priorities make the rest of the priorities attainable and obtainable. Thank you for posting this blog. People are going to need it.

Uh – oh…. We know how this goes. The military goes in and confiscates anything it pleases. 100 years ago, we had similar problems with organized crime. Communities took care of these problems through the system. There was no revolving door on the prison, or today’s expected amenities that now go with life in prison. Because we have entered an age of lawlessness, my belief that we have to get away from the cities is confirmed.

Having lived in the streets at times, over the last 30 years, I understand this. Poor people, by material standards just have a different view of life. We understand that, in a crisis, all we have are the people immediately around us. May we be the help that God sends when people pray out of suffering.

Class conflict solves nothing. The causes of social tension are hidden behind layers of revised history and political mythology. I try to explain the details and methods, digging into history for most of my life.

There are ways to get things done. Sometimes, finding people who know how to find those ways, is the first step. Thank you for this example.

So refreshing to read this post. If it were not for the kindness of others, many of us might not have survived. I could have frozen to death, in 1982. I’m very happy to be alive.

7 times in 30 years, I’ve been that homeless person. I have friends who are probably sleeping outdoors, tonight. Thank God for the shelters and food banks.

Ah, good. You’re keeping score. Does this mean we should be watching IRT: Most Dangerous Roads, more? Could see the next big thing in emerging markets.

This sounds very much like the O. U. R. Center in Longmont, CO. I have many friends, there. If it weren’t for shelters and food banks, life would be miserable, for many people. Thank you for your efforts.

Thank God for the homeless shelters and the food banks. There’s nothing more miserable than waking up in the middle of the night, getting rained or snowed on. I’m thinking of my friends in Colorado, who are still sleeping outdoors.

Yes, homelessness can happen to anyone. I know a doctor who sleeps in his ’99 Lexus. It’s only a car, but the doors seal better than any house. I’ve been homeless 7 times in 30 years. I write a lot about the history and economics of poverty.

Now, that took some thinking. Just looking at the tent, it’s obvious that weight would be transport considerations. Getting enough insulation to make the tent viable in extreme cold has to be accounted for. Incorporating the insulating material into the structure obviously avoids a lot of moisture and heat control. I’ll be interested to see how it tests out.

That’s one way to keep the bank solvent. The taxpayers can lose their jobs and homes, but that’s not what banks are about. They’re in the wealth transfer business.

Interesting report. Where do they stand with S & P, Moody’s, etc,? The company name rang a bell, I thought I saw the company name in an S & P downgrade article, earlier.

Ok, this is the first story I’ve seen that has the can actually bouncing down the road. It remains to be seen if Europe has enough left from the tax base to carry the increased debt load.

That’s at least consistent. As nasty as the situation could get in Europe, it is understandable to avoid getting into it. These reservations about commitment go all the way back to UK reluctance to join the EU, in the first place. I’d dig in my heels, too.

This story gets wilder buy the hour. There have been so many articles that are back and forth on the funding for this. It really is the Shell Game, played with banks, instead of walnut shells. You can’t tell who’s in or out, but I believe the pea is in Ben Bernanke’s right – hand jacket pocket. Of course, if he’s left – handed, that could change things.

It’s nice to have a positive rating. It’s not so nice to get on the wrong side of the debt curve. Unless these countries can expand existing activity and find viable markets, they could end up in the same boat with Greece.

There are strings tied to that $34 Billion. It doesn’t seem that the Fargo police understand who and what all that gear is aimed at.

Whew! That’s an understatement. Since there has never been an independent audit of the Federal Reserve, there is no way of knowing how fragile the financial system is. We can be certain that it’s worse than we know. I suspect that opening the Fed to the light of day would find it filled with dead men’s bones. As I write, a new round of downgrades are in progress. Italy and France are back on the front burner. I see it as pressure to print Eurobonds. The insiders in the bond market must be drooling over manipulating Trillions in those.

What a nest of vipers this is! If it weren’t for bailouts, they’d run out of bribe money.

The central factor is always fiat currency, fake money.We can watch for new and improved packaging on borrowed debt, in 2012.

The fur flies, now. If the court rules that MF Global has no fiduciary obligation to investors, and no wrongdoing was part of the sale process, last one out the door, turn out the lights. If that happens, the power will be cut off, if you get trampled in the rush.

The indications of a French downgrade keep popping up. They just won’t go away. I suspect that it’s pressure on Sarkozy to get on the phone. Unless Germany can be persuaded to allow the ECB to issue Eurobonds, the pressure will continue.

Posted by Anonymous on Wed Dec 21 2011 13:17
BREAKING NEWS– BANK RUN -TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO WEST INDIES, REPUBLIC BANK, ROYAL BANK, FIRST CITIZEN BANK and SCOTIABANK thousand of customers simultaneously secretly withdrawing all their funds, because they believe that the banks might go into bankruptcy, and for fear of the bank becoming insolvent and that they the customer, will lose all their money.people are putting their money in smaller credit union banks or keeping it at home.

I wrote in my intro for today, that we would see bank failures and runs on deposits. People want their money close to home, not exposed to foreign bonds and insolvency.

Knowing John Perkins as I do, from working in talk radio, I have to suspect that the IMF is up to no good, in Africa. For good reason, people in Europe had better hide the good silverware, too.

It’s all about herding the livestock. U. S. citizens are Federal property, human resources in inventory, right down to their DNA. That’s what they volunteered for. Now, the herdsmen on the Federal Debt Plantation just have fancier cattle prods.

We have Government of the Corporations, by the Attorneys and for the Banks. Heads they win, tails we lose. By our participation, it’s all legal. There is only one way to right the wrongs. Returning to the Biblical foundations of American law would be a good start. Of course, the Federal corporation would resist that with all of the force that U. S. citizens are able to pay for.

Of course, it’s worse than 2008. Today, there is more debt, and liquidity is disappearing back into thin air, where it came from. Now, we see constant pressure to print more debt, as the solution. Since the bailouts in 2008 were grossly understated, and turned out to be over $16 Trillion, are they going to go for broke, this time? If the central banks are eventually going to take the plunge, why don’t they just print $160 Trillion in new debt? It can only come out 10 times as bad as the present situation, but we’ll have euphoria until it’s time to start paying.

Human nature is the reason that Plutocracy can’t work. It is that compulsion that makes one man a commercial extension of another, that degenerates into serfdom. We used to have a Bill of Rights, until passage of the 14th Amendment. With passage of the NDAA, rights have been restricted to revocable privileges. U’ S. citizens are legal trusts, statutory imported persons, aliens in the states they legally reside in, and property of the Federal corporation.

Some days are better than others. Finding blogs that “get it” makes the day better.

December 21, 2011 at 11:05 am

Well said George!

December 21, 2011 at 11:44 am

Thank you! I just get frustrated with why people don’t want to assert their nationality. They insist on being U. S. citizens, imported statutory persons, aliens in the state they legally reside in ….. the list goes on and on. They call their revocable privileges “rights”. That’s like a cow, suing a farmer over the way it gets milked. At least all this madness gives me something to write about.

It seems that the Real Estate markets aren’t happy if they’re not living in a bubble. The story gets repeated, over and over. After a bubble pops, the talk is about how to re-inflate the bubble. Now, it seems to be about keeping the bubble inflated, while they patch the holes. I had a bicycle tube like that, once. It had 11 patches on it. It wasn’t very reliable.

Since economic activity is limited by the amount of new debt available, we should expect to see numbers that don’t match up with reality. Hoping for the best is one thing. Paying for it, is another matter.

So, the new paradigm is about knowing when a bond is going to land on it’s face in the manure, right? I’m asking because I might have to tell people to stop pretending about “investing”. For as long as I can remember, i’ve heard horse players call their activities “investing”.

The corporate consolidation of the world continues. This sets the tone for the next week. Now that Greece has been cored like an apple, the attention turns back to Italy and Spain.

Obama’s documented public statements make it pretty clear that he is an anti – American, Marxist agent of a foreign power. He did say that the United States is the fastest growing Muslim country in the West. Before that, he said that he wanted to visit all 57 States. There are only 50 in the U. S. , but 57 Muslim countries. It’s not about his religious identity. It’s about his disloyalty in acting against U. S. citizens. As long as people insist on being shareholders in the Federal corporation, they’re stuck with it, regardless of who the president is, or where he was born. They can shut up, and pay their taxes. They are being managed to the maximum benefit of the Federal corporation. In fact, they’re paying for that “service”.

The Federal corporation itself, became a monster, in 1860. The invasion of your humanity begins with the invasion of your space.

The corporate consolidation continues. This is how Reconstruction works. It’s one Korea, followed by Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan ….. after another.

When the “Fast & Furious” story broke, it was reported that the plan was to create a problem, and then ride in on their white horses, to fix it. To follow through on the game plan, they need a scapegoat. This fits the pattern of putting it on the people they recruit to take the fall.

So, the new paradigm is about knowing when a bond is going to land on it’s face in the manure, right? I’m asking because I might have to tell people to stop pretending about “investing”. For as long as I can remember, i’ve heard horse players call their activities “investing”.

It’s good to see balance of priorities in the comments. It begins with water, food and shelter. Without those three, there is nothing to protect. Next, in a situation in which one man has gold, another has silver and the third has a side of beef, who is the rich man? Easy answer, if the supermarket shelves are empty, the cash registers and ATMs don’t work, and the local security is suspect. All of the bases have to be covered.

Planning is good common sense. Having a good plan is practicality. The combination produces independence. The people that no one would listen to,10 or 20 years ago, had it right. Batten down the hatches. It’s going to be rough seas,for a while.

This is the Wealth Transfer Mechanism in action. Banks get real things. Populations get worthless paper. It’s as simple as that. Once understood, we should never think that printing more “liquidity” will solve anything. Debt slavery is the most subtle form of slavery. It is only a matter of time until people are monetized and harvested in the most blatant end of debt slavery, Genocide. Understanding that there is a war is part of the battle. We must also understand the weapons.

There is so much range in the debate over economic factors and how they fit together. While the debate goes back and forth, this is what is coming. “Wage Slave: 2012″.

“Wage Slave: 2012 Update 11/18/2011″                                                                    


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