The Daily Climb-Wednesday, Dec. 14th, 2011

Wednesday, Dec. 14th, 2011 – So much economic news is so fabricated and twisted, I wonder if people’s minds are in one place and their bodies in another. the Existing Home Sales numbers come out on the 21st. Those statistics have been skewed, for years. We have this strange view that home sales drive the economy. It actually drives the banking industry. There is so much unsold inventory that the construction industry won’t be getting in gear, anytime soon. With that as a background, we shouldn’t be swallowing any sugar – coated stories about “recovery”.

Are they going to do the English siege of the French castle scene from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”?

French Taunting – Monty Python and the Holy Grail 

Interesting to see how this Indefinite Detention thing is perceived, around the world. I just heard from Singapore. This legislation provides for the same setup as they have in Singapore. Arrest and detention without trial. Torture is part of the package

We watched the White House and Congress take turns playing “good cop/bad cop” with this legislation, all week. The stage play allows everyone involved to say that they opposed it, come election time. What a circus!

Excellent research. Just as important as Freedom of Speech is the historical and legal record of it’s defense. Too often, people open up with “the way it is”. If they knew the history, they would know better than to say ignorant things, like that. It’s not their fault that they were taught wrong. It is on their heads that they do not accept opportunities to learn the truth about history.

China never did develop into the market that Nixon and Kissinger hinted at. Over the years, promised U. S. exports to the Chinese consumer market never materialized. Now, the joke is on the U. S. After the stories about Asia leading the global recovery, China is looking at a housing market collapse. Goodbye, disposable income. We always warned of the day when prices of Chinese goods started jumping up, at Wal Mart. Here it comes. No production economy can prosper by selling into a declining market, and the U. S. is definitely declining. The Chinese have a simple problem. No jobs, no income.

Promises. promises. It’s too late for plausible deniability. There was that recent $600 Billion deal with Europe that was announced. On top of that, there is all of that debt swap activity that the Fed was in, up to Ben Bernanke’s eyeballs. But then, can you believe anything that comes out of Congress?

Prior to it’s introduction, the Euro was rumored to be 15% backed by gold. If that condition ever existed, it didn’t last long. In the end, the Euro has no more validity than the USD, both being supported with the promises of politicians, which are more worthless than fiat currency. The paper is what it is. Politicians compound the error with one lie, after another.

This is a disaster. It opens the door to political enemies lists, bureaucratic intimidation and extortion, extreme suppression of free speech, and as I’ve pointed out before, mission creep into areas that were never discussed, at the time of passage.

Before anyone gets too agitated, that’s paper gold, not the real thing. No one can tell me that the spot price is for future deliveries. MF Global fixed that. The USD drops because the fiat adrenaline doesn’t work anymore. There’s no heart, left to start.

That’s exactly what I’ve been writing for 4 years. Early on, when I wrote “Land & Wealth vs. Debt & Promises: The End Game” as a series of daily posts, it caused quite a stir. In June of 2009, I wrote “The Real Weapon Of Mass Destruction: POVERTY”.. People came unglued that I could cast aspersions on the Banking and Real Estate industries. Now, their industries are coming unglued. A Ponzi scheme doesn’t last forever.

 ‎”Land & Wealth vs. Debt & Promises: The End Game”

‎”The Real; Weapon Of Mass Destruction: POVERTY” 

The U. S. treasury has been operating in the murky shadows of the Federal Reserve since 1913. the history of the relationship of the Treasury with private central banks in America is very well documented. actual audits of the Treasury don’t produce hard evidence. The Fed has never seen an independent audit. Yet, we can measure the results they produce.

Send Dick Cheney and his shotgun. If any troops have to go with him, they get extra hazardous duty pay.

Of course there would have to be waivers for Federal operatives, conducting false flag events. Can’t have them arrested as terrorism suspects, now can we? (sarcasm provided, free of charge). Next week, I’m running a sale on cynical disbelief. Bulk orders and wholesalers are welcome.

Ahhhh ….. all those smiling faces. A dog doesn’t smile because he likes you and is happy to see you. If you see teeth, ease on out of there uninjured.

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In the Rothschild tradition, the Bernanke Gang runs the wealth transfer business, very well. The central bank gets title to everything, and the people get mountains of worthless paper. We just say no to fraud, but we continue using the currency of debt slavery. It ends when the currency collapses and the people are living in the street, or worse.

Education makes it easy for people to sell their birthright for a corporate bowl of soup. It’s a harder road to be a living being with the conscience that God instills in every human being. To buy into the corporate structure, one has to sear the conscience with a hot iron.

P.S, – I really appreciate the cover photo of Robert Johnson.

Even though I’m a photographic speed reader, my experience is that getting a critical word wrong in a paragraph changes the meaning of the entire text. Many times, I’ve had to go back and find the place where my mind slipped a cog. I reach the point at which what I’m reading doesn’t make sense. Time to slam on the brakes and turn around. The balance between effective filters and complete understanding is very fine and precise.

The support for such Fascist enabling legislation always contains the caveat, “with proper management and oversight”. In practice, there are no protections from bureaucratic mission creep. These things always extend into areas that were never mentioned.

Tightening of fiscal policy always lags behind targeted levels. The use of fiat currency is an addiction, exhibiting the behavior of any other substance abuse. In some cases, the withdrawal symptoms can be quite violent.

Reality insists that paper is not gold. That lesson gets hammered home at least once a day. the truth simplifies everything. As with this interview, stating the obvious works, every time.

The past 3 years has seen inventory bulldozed, turning housing developments into empty lots. Sales aren’t the only way to reduce inventory. Unfortunately, the cash flow goes negative.


2 thoughts on “The Daily Climb-Wednesday, Dec. 14th, 2011

  1. Oscar Wilde wrote that “Patriotism is a Virtue of the Vicious.” While the brainless morons in our society endlessly and heatedly bicker about the carefully-crafted non-issues, such as gun rights, abortion, education, etc., etc., and most notably the deceptive and illusory divide between “Democrat” and “Republican” policies, those in the power structure can and do laugh all the way to the banks that they themselves own, along with all of our hard-earned money; They start venal and constant Wars, all of which are based on outright LIES, that the poor dupes then agree to go off to fight, thoroughly convinced that they are “Heroes” and “Patriots” “protecting” America. It, America, that is, is all a gigantic LIE; and the more deliberate misinformation, i.e. LIES, that so many people willingly suck up, (the most useful LIE is in the form of RELIGION, in which ANY ONE will do), the more the rest of us are simply FUCKED. ALL of the warnings repeated throughout history are totally unknown by the idiots that don’t even KNOW HOW to read. They’ve DONE IT!! We’ve indeed reached the point of no return; Unless and until an enormous realization, an AWAKENING, occurs across this country, across this world, We are DOOMED.

  2. Here are two Videos for your Horrific Enjoyment:

    The brazenly criminal psychopaths with no conscience who run the thoroughly corrupt Kleptocratic U. S. government and the entire fraudulent financial system; the Top Echelons of the Corporate Whoredoms that have the government hacks–the whores–by the balls, bought and sold…

    Music by Jimi Hendrix: BORN UNDER A BAD SIGN

    Filthy Criminals in the U.S. Kleptocracy and their Corporate Whoremasters…

    In 1994, Dick Cheney explains exactly why the United States should NOT invade Iraq…Just in case you missed it…

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