The Daily Climb-Tuesday,Nov. 8th, 2011

Tuesday, Nov. 8th, 2011 = The week continues with the Debt war in Europe. It is very clear that the nations of Europe opened their borders to invasion with the formation of the EU. The invader is the IMF. The weapon is paper. Of course there are no sure promises from politicians and bankers. It takes real money to stabilize markets at the brink of default. The banks have currency. Countries like Italy have gold reserves. There isn’t a big enough pie to satisfy everyone.

That thought opens so many possibilities. In her position and influence, Christina Romer is potentially as dangerous as Woodrow Wilson was, in his day. If she manages to spring another Leon Trotsky from detention or start a world war by deception and direct intervention, she will have realized that potential.

I think I saw the Emperor With No Clothes in there. In any case, we’ll watch how all of this debt circus plays out.

Yes, the wages of debt is poverty. Inflating the currency supply makes the paper more worthless.

 It comes down to Choice of Law. When we choose what currency we accept and use as legal tender, we are making a Choice of Law. Natural Law is Biblically defined and specified. Private Administrative Law is a different final authority, altogether. When people choose to use and accept gold and silver in transactions, that is compliant with Natural Law. When people choose fiat currency, they are in rebellion against the Creator..

People just do not understand this issue. The corporate structure, and that includes the officials of any incorporated municipality, recognizes people only after they have presented themselves as property of the state. The issue is in Private Administrative Law, and has no obligation to flesh and blood human beings. The protesters can argue anything they want, but their reasoning means nothing in legal standing.

 In Corporatism, loyalty is measured by who an individual will lie, cheat, steak and commit murder for. The corporate wars of the past 150 years bear witness to this fact. Elected officials are well rewarded for managing people like livestock.

We should at least study the lessons of history. If  we recognize development, before events happen, we can prepare safeguards and make decisions

I did say that Occupy Wall Street would provoke a military response. The corporate structure only knows one way to manipulate civil disorder. People are just not doing things that work.

This illustrates the point that war is a commercial action. The target ion the Debt War is national gold reserves.  The weapon is paper. Watch the announcement that are made about Italy and you will see the same tactics that were implemented to enslave Africa and South America. Don’t laugh, United States. You’re next.


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