The Daily Climb-Tuesday, Nov. 22nd, 2011

  Tuesday, Nov. 22nd, 2011 – Today, we have to keep our heads up and look for the way out of this mess. The circumstances that we were taught to believe in are disappearing. It is very obvious that what we were told is “money”, is not money. In increasing frequency, government assaults and robs us, instead of protecting us. The military works muscle for the corporate structure, eliminating competition and consolidating control. The question we all must ask ourselves is, “Do we want to participate in that activity?” The rewards are imaginary and the spoils are evidence of guilt and complicity. Do we want to go into Eternity with innocent blood on our hands?

The lesson of history is that social unrest brings a military response. I hope people have enough sense to get out of the line of fire. These protests look like people who want to get beat up.


Liquidity getting a little tight? It seems that nobody wants to catch a bad hand on this deal. It looks like the bondholders are the patsies in this poker game.


By legal definition, it’s oceans of borrowed debt. Jt will come back to bite them. I just hope that millions of people don’t get caught in the collapse


Now, we get to watch everyone from the White House, to Congress, to the Fed, to the U. S. Treasury play “I got it, you take it”. We’ll see things that nobody could make up. Fiction couldn’t be any less believable.


I’ve talked with many people, in many countries, over the years. A lot of them believe that everything should be free, and government should provide it. Here in the United States, it’s a little more intricate. People depend on government to rob their neighbors for their gain, calling their participation “their civic duty”. Hypocrisy gets very complicated, very quickly.

Better late, than never. The future of the public trust hangs on this matter. If this goes under the bridge without demand for accountability and restitution, there are no safe investments. There would be no integrity in government or finance.


That’s the rule of deception. If you can’t persuade with rational presentation, baffle them with double talk and confusion. keep them guessing.


As we see every day in the news, economic activity is disconnected from moral or ideological restraint. In fact, economies are very productive under the dictatorship of Corporate Oligarchy.


Because of the exponential nature of compound interest, debt service demands that increases in debt limits also must be exponential. The total debt has hit a wall that economies can’t climb over. 


Budget deficits are always a circular discussion. The currency is borrowed into circulation. In exchange, they are underwritten by another debt instrument, a U. S. Treasury bond. U. S. citizens have volunteered to repay both, at interest. This is a physical and mathematically impossible task. Since the real money to underwrite both instruments never existed, before the debt could be retired, there would be no currency in circulation.


Bureaucracy is defined by what it produces. It is a maze through which people are herded like laboratory rats, with dead ends and confusing instructions. It expends resources without profit, existing only as an outlet fror excess currency, regulating the fiat economy. To say that the economy is a Federally managed benefit program, is an understatement. By definition, bureaucracy is an arbitrary control mechanism.


The Child Labor Laws are proof that the issue in the War of Corporate Conquest was not slavery. Some 20 years after the end of t5he conflict, there were 10 year olds working 16 hour shifts in the factories of the North. The real issue was the 14th Amendment, which made Federal property of everyone. the Supreme Court affirmed that in 1873. The decision stated that Federal “citizenship” was above all other forms of citizenship. Only a country can have citizens. The Federal is a corporation, and can only own property.


We are reliving the 1920s. We see the same political and social turmoil. The end of this uphe3aval is corporate consolidation by war. We see the conflict being fought financially as well as militarily.


Radioactive material doesn’t go away, overnight Straight answers about the severity of the disaster took months to come out. There is no reason to accept official statements. As for what is being done about it, there is silence.


The evasive and conflicting statements coming out of financial institutions tell us that there are circumstances beyond management control. We just have to prepare for the banks to call time out. They will declare bank holidays and try to make up a reset button.


Where’s the percentage? The only prize that makes sense in going after would be commercial control of Europe. The objective of commerce is always conquest.


Our culture is now given completely over to a gambling mentality. Investors don’t care if the track is crooked. They just want to know where the fix is in, so they can get in on it. The corporate leadership is the crooked management of the track.


The bad news is the uncertaianty of what consumers will have available to spend. The global financial climate indicates widespread failures in production and delivery systems, with resulting job and income losses. The contraction that is coming will leave millions of people, literally living out in the cold.


Now, they’re playing “Simon Says”. Simon says, get down on your knees and say, “May I?” Did Italy say “May I?” How will France respond? The schism between the leadership of nations and their people is widening.


The financial markets are finding out that you can’t squeeze all of the air into one end of a balloon. Something is going to pop out, somewhere. The central banks have always wanted currency failure. In the collapse, they acquire real wealth at a small fraction of it’s original value.


That’s how Corporatism works. Loyalty is measured by who an individual will lie, cheat, steal and commit murder for.Allegiance to the “party” replaces the conscience. Failure to “just follow orders” results in ending up on the wrong side of the fence, or dead.


We can’t allow ourselves to be distracted. Asking the right questions keeps us on point in developing the right decisions. 

                   Cancer Of The Wallet

     The world has cancer of the wallet. It is now spreading to the body.  There once were protections that stopped it from touching us, but the malignancy has gotten past the world’s immune system. The central banks have determined that the treatment should be more of the same poison that turned the cancer loose, in the first place.

Read more at this link.


I was beginning to wonder where the backlash from nuclear disaster had disappeared to. The greater impact of the event is the public response to damage that will last for generations. The lingering effects have been covered up and denied.

We must be mushrooms. We’re kept in the dark, and fed manure. This problem won’t go away, and it can’t be hidden.

Now, we have a debt crisis, just like Europe. Watch for an emergency meeting among the Fed, U. S. Treasury, and a few select members of Congress They have to get their stories straight, before anyone makes public statements..


The priorities are water, food and shelter. If those are not secured, nothing else matters.


The mainstream press hasn’t been free and independent in at least 100 years. We see more free expression in the blogs we follow.


Underlying the fraud and theft is the suspicion that the next news break could announce the collapse of the currency, itself. People have to think about what happens if the bank branches don’t open and ATMs don’t work.


This is the hot potato. Having a problem without a solution is an unenviable position to be in. Based on past performance, Congress has earned every bit of this trouble.


Since I write so much about the history of private banks, Andrew Jackson is a fascinating study for me. he was the only President that would have the guts to take on the Federal Reserve, today.


I’ve been homeless 7 times in the last 30 years. I slept outdoors a lot, over the past 3 years. If it weren’t for the homeless shelters, day centers and the kindness of others, it would have been a truly miserable experience. I know so many people who are one month’s expenses away from living in the streets. That’s why I write about the things that affect them.


When people are in a position to make these things happen, it stops being coincidence.

The banks are in too deep to back out. They have to keep pushing paper, or be devoured. The ground is crumbling behind them.


There is only one pie, and the next 1.5 trillion slices are spoken for. this is a problem without a solution. The result is bankruptcy and poverty


It is amazing that 2 governments collapsed, and no one blinked. People just choose to be blissfully ignorant. They will have to notice, eventually.

In September of 2007, I said that, when this mess blows, it will be spectacular. There is a lot less margin for error, than there was, then. debt expansion is running it’s course. The load is becoming more than the economy can bear


Millions of people are close to living in the streets. They are really living on the edge.


How many times do people have to get kicked in the teeth, before they run out of teeth?


As I’ve heard for years, California is a financial and social nightmare. I know many Californians who wouldn’t take California. They escaped.

It is difficult, watching the world repeat the dysfunction of the c1920s. Expecting a different outcome is insanity. The world is turning against itself.


The MF Global theft of investor funds is a disconnect in the financial structure. It can only be repaired, one way. Prosecution, conviction and restitution is the only process that works. The longer this drags out, the worse it will become.


The behavior of Goldman Sachs is a train wreck. The economy is being deliberately run off the tracks. There is no question that Goldman Sachs profits greatly from currency collapse. They are at the forefront of wealth transfer.


That is an observation that I’ve made, many times. The commercial world is infested with instinct driven predators. They are incapable of behaving differently than what they are.


It is the nature of incompetency to never admit incompetence. Management always fires subordinates for failure. In this case, the taxpayers will be the scapegoat, again.

Corporate consolidation always involves an implosion. Predators cripple the legs, before they go for the throat.


This is an ongoing problem. The cure is one that nobody seems to want. Figuratively speaking, fiat currency is blood poisoning. Slavery to debt service is killing us.


Debt is a toxin that causes financial disease. there is no other way to see it.


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