The Daily Climb-Tuesday, Nov. 15th, 2011

Tuesday, Nov. 15th, 2011 – I am just amazed at how people can just whistle through the truth in pursuit of the easy lie. They throw caution and common sense to the winds. Their minds land where gravity takes them. In case anyone hasn’t noticed, that direction is always down.

We’re seeing that governments do not survive this level of debt load. The Euro is a political fabrication, just like the USD. The question of currency survival begs an answer.


That’s how the scam works. The Bait – And – Switch and The Shell Game have been honed to a fine edge.


This financial mess looks like a loaded oxcart being pushed uphill, in a foot of snow, by the Jamaican bobsled team.  They won’t make it.


People are disconnected and insulated from the real world. They depend on mainstream media to keep it that way. Reality is that the world won’t stay in orderly compartments, like products on supermarket shelves. Yet, people go shopping for what they want to see and hear.


Albert Pike in his handbook of Freemasonry, “Morals and Dogma” stated that a New World Order would be established by three world wars. He named where they would begin. The first in the Balkans. The second in Western Europe. The third in the Middle East. He’s two for two so far, with a foot in the third in a row.


Whether Germany voted itself a backdoor way out of the Euro remains to be seen. Rats can educate about the protocols. If the ship is sinking, jump.


The DOJ has a long-standing reputation for selective enforcement and political manipulation. The department is humorously known as “The Just Us Dept.”. When they go after the politically well-connected, they can drop the rest of us a memo.


If this round of bond auctions does a faceplant, it could finally stick a fork in the Euro. Those bond yields could turn out to be toilet tissue.


The combination of runaway debt expansion, austerity plans and civil unrest is a very dangerous witches brew. The cauldron bubbles, and none dare stare into it, too long. The danger of being splattered and scalded is too great a risk.


This is a direct assault against independence and autonomy by corporate invaders. After what happened in Wisconsin at the hands of a Monsanto shill, even private contract is under assault. Growing food is a basic inalienable an unalienable right.


As Benjamin Franklin said, “No man’s purse or person is safe when Congress is in session.” The more things change, the more they remain the same.


The deck is stacked in favor of graft and embezzlement. What once was prosecuted as felony offense is now called regulation. Any legislation only finds a new depth of lawlessness. This is like putting Bill Clinton’s fly on the honor system.


The global economy had better get a good grip on it’s shorts. This will be a sudden drop and a quicker awakening. There is no recovery for the debt plagued currencies.


Historically, silver has always been a more flexible and liquid asset than gold. On a percentage basis, silver will certainly have it’s day, over gold. In fact, the history of the interaction between monetized silver and gold is most fascinating. National speculation and banking speculation has always made and broken economies.


They might as well be selling rotten produce. This smells as bad as the settling ponds at a sewage treatment plant. It wasn’t very long ago that these were called “toxic assets” and condemned as the product of the global economic collapse. Financial institutions tried to pass them off on the unwary, back then.


8 years ago, I said that when this mess blows, it will be spectacular. People must have forgotten the parable of the grasshopper and the ant. The ant prepared for winter while the grasshopper frittered away the carefree summer days. The grasshopper starved and froze.


On the surface, it appears to be good news. I would still keep an eye on them. They may just be laying low, until the dust settles.

 This sounds more like addicts hoping to score more drugs. The Fiat Addiction is taking it’s toll. The withdrawal symptoms have been desperate, lately.


Congress couldn’t be trusted in 1913 to protect us from the private bankers. The fox is still in charge of the hen house, today. It’s more of the same scam, just a new set of thieves.


An elected Sheriff is the only law enforcement official with Constitutionally enumerated powers. With that position comes the obligation to take a stand protecting the people


Let this be a lesson to us. Anything that we do not hold physically in our own hands, can disappear. That is reality. 

Currency collapses are deliberately planned and executed. From studying the examples in history, the process should be easily understood. I wrote about it, in “The Real Weapon of Mass destruction: POVERTY” 

The problem is obvious. Debt can not be repaid with debt. The debt won’t go away on future promises. History says that the end of debt is slavery and misery. Debt will always seek it’s pound of flesh and river of blood. 

We are caught in a trap. It’s like trying to fly an airplane with the controls working upside down and backwards. The reason is that a viable economy runs on the exchange of real things. The Fed tries to fool the economy with fake money. The only reason that you can’t get real things with Monopoly money is that you’re not as persuasive a liar as the Fed. 

Debt is poison. Once ingested, only real things can flush it out of the system. Either detoxification will be done, or the global economy will go into shock. 

Housing prices won’t find a bottom until the market finds real money. It’s like drilling for oil. After drilling one dry hole after another, it’s time to come up with a plan that works. Refinancing over and over doesn’t work. The economy knows when it’s drilled into the septic tank. 

The central banks would be very quick to say that they’re not running a charity. This is like trying to get freebies from the Mafia. The central banks won’t settle for getting slopped, shoulder to shoulder with the hogs. 

I have to ask where common sense disappeared to. 5 generations ago, people were far more independent. They didn’t feel any need to live, packed together in cities, like a can of sardines. Today, they have traded their independence for an illusion of security. they live in fear of their surroundings. 

Human nature is a fascinating study. When someone with the appearance of authority changes the meaning of words, people just lose their brains. We have to keep the record straight. Debt is not money. Debt can never be money. The promise in debt is the someday that never comes. Debt is not opportunity. Debt is indentured servitude. Just say “no” to debt. Picture two sunny side up eggs, sizzling in a skillet. This is your brain on fiat currency …..


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