The Daily Climb-Tuesday, Dec. 6th, 2011

Tuesday, Dec. 6th, 2011 – Starting the week late, without skipping a beat. The Federal Reserve is going ro talk straight, or so they say. That’s going to be tough to do, considering that they still will be hiding the lie that is the currency. It’s a lot more serious than coin of the realm, legal tender, and the rest of private law double – speak. This is why we can take comfort in knowing that there is a higher court than any institution of man.

The corporate conquest of Europe is almost complete. A Socialized pot and window means living in tent cities. The survival rate for refugees is not good.

This will be interesting to watch. If anyone didn’t know, the outcome will be obvious. The DOJ exists to protect the corporate structure. A few scapegoats will be made. There will be “slap on the wrist” fines. By the time the dust settles, millions of counts of fraud and theft will go unpunished.

I remember the prediction that the United States and Soviet Union would pass each other, going in opposite directions. That becomes true in more areas, every day. It’s actually worse than this. Churches and social organizations that are recipients of Federal funds have been co – opted into the data mining and surveillance network.

This is not a new thing in Gulf Coast states. As I described in “Wage Slave 2012″, such measures will become the norm, everywhere. As long as people choose to remain U. S. citizens, property of the Federal corporation, they are under sentence to perform mandatory community service. Whether through Presidential Directive or future legislation, the preferred business model of the central banks has always been slavery.

Clinton and his ilk never leave Corporate Fascism. I remember a press conference in which Bill Clinton said his trip to Africa was for the purpose of “building constituencies”. Knowing the legal definition of the word, constituent”, he really said that he was going there to conquer those people. The objective of commerce is always conquest.

I can speak from experience, having lived outdoors a lot, in the past 30 years. In such a crisis situation as described in your description, urban envieonments have their own special requirements. The important mindset is to assume nothing and forget everything that civilization taught you to believe.

There is historical precedent for using troops to put down civil unrest, in the U. S. The military is the standing army of Corporatism. There is nothing about defending civil liberties in military service. 

After the collapse of 1929, government said with the New Deal, “Move off the land, and into the cities. Go to work in the factories. We’ll take care of you”. We are now seeing the result of that siren song. There is nothing we’ve last, that we first did not abandon.

This is what is coming to dampen the protest against the “too big to fail” banks. They start a framework of employment agencies. Behind the scenes, they make it clear to their corporate borrowers that their depositors receive preference in hiring. The unspoken message is that opening an account with them can get you a better paying job. It’s not rocket science. It’s simple logic, and knowing how Corporatism works. 

It’s the same, everywhere you go. People want the candidate that promises the most candy. Unfortunately, such fantasy world expectations produce promises that are impossible to deliver. The world has a problem without a solution, not just Japan. As long as the context of perception is within the confines of fiat currency, destruction is inevitable.

Now that’s an interesting statement. It’s one of the few pearls from the Corporatist international banker that I agree with. Yes, disintegration, and self – reinforcing, at that. Just as a train in a wreck destroys itself by the sheer force of it’s own momentum, so too does the mass of borrowed debt destroy itself, and take nations with it. What he didn’t say is that the currency collapse is deliberately planned and executed by people just like him.

Protest is only half the process. If no legal action is taken, which government is demonstrably slow and reluctant to take, it is like trying to find a pair of shoes that fit, when all that is available are Size 8 left shoes. It doesn’t work. Moving accounts out of the big banks is a positive action. It is taking commercial action, in response to a commercial problem.

There are 2 types of aliens in the United States. There are legal aliens, U, S, citizens, subject to the laws and statutes of the United States (Title 18 ), aliens in the state in which they legally resde in. Then, there are illegal aliens, those who have entered the country and reside in a state, without volunteering to enter into agreement with,and comply with the laws and statutes of the United States. Corporations do not respect national boundaries. The United States is a corporation, not a country. A corporation can only contain property, and can not have citizens.

It’s the old Soviet party line, plain and simple. There is the party in power, and the controlled opposition. Politics is someone dragging you into an argument in the street, while everything is being stolen, out of your house.

The global economy is a lie. The currencies of the world are mot money. If Mt. Everest rested on such a foundation, it would implode into the center of the earth.

That is a question that I never considered. In fact, it opens many questions. Would the stress of subduction open fissures in the sea floor, allowing lava to escape? If so, would that create fragmentation of surface geology, mixing with new material? Would such blending result in weakening or strengthening of the surface material? Infra red mapping of the area could answer these questions, if enough observation, over a long enough period of time, took place.

For the past few years, pre – 1982 pennies have been worth 2 to 3 times face value, as scrap. A few years ago, I lost my Internet connection when the telephone company box was torn out of the ground by thieves. Around the same time period, several miles of copper cable was stolen from a remote area of Wyoming. The cable was to be used for lightning protection on roadside power poles. These days, metal is stolen, even if it is nailed down.

Another factor is that real unemployment, including underemployment and deficits incurred in subsidy programs force both a decline in available income and increased taxation. All of the air can’t be squeezed into one end of a balloon. Something is going to pop.

We shouldn’t be surprised when people do whatever they have to do, to maintain their position in the corporate structure. The objective of commerce is always conquest. When people have sold their souls to commerce, there isn’t anything they won’t do to fulfill their goals.

Insider trading by public officials has always been illegal. All forms of graft, bribery, collusion that compromises regulatory integrity are covered under existing law. The laws would be enforced, back in the days when the United States of America was a nation nof laws. Now, we have Corporatism in a new flavor. Anything goes, as long as the fix is in, with the pol8itically favored people.

Corruption is sleazy work for those who crave power enough to do those things. Of course, the powerful believe that they are going to escape the consequences of their actions. In the short term, they have managed to forestall what they deserve. In the long run, they don’t have a chance.

As I’ve pointed out, many times, bureaucracy harbors criminal elements within it’s ranks. At one end are operatives connected to the command structure. At the top is a directorship maintaining plausible deniability.

U. S. citizens are  legal trusts, creations of the State. As such, they are property of the State. They do not have standing to exercise free will. The State has no commercial interest in free will. As I hears a cop telling a customer in a fast food restaurant: “You have the right to do as you’re told!” He was joking with the man, but in practice, that is the way it comes out.

Conflict of interest is standard procedure, in the corporate structure. The revolving door of bureaucracy is institutionalized insider activity.

Against the background of the total debt, the ECB needs about 100 more bond sales, like that. 100 slugs in the vending machine, you take one out, pass it atound, 99 slugs in the vending machine ……

The U. S. economy functions, ot fails to function in an environment of indentured privilege. In keeping with the fantasy of fiat currency, every commercial activity depends on the government dole. The system fails in international activity. The world isn’t buying what the U. S. is selling, specifically debt. Exported goods and services, excluding war, have been eliminated from the equation.

The Fed has to change something. They’re finding that people aren’t brain – damaged mushrooms, thriving in the dark, on a diet of manure.

Conditions have reached a crisis point. Decisions made now, and actions taken, will decide what is to become of  us.

  The United States of America was once a nation of laws, consistent with Biblical standards. Where we departed from that path is very clear in history. The requirements and consequences are as certain and immutable as the Law of Gravity. It is obvious that America has been suffering the Biblical curses of War, Famine, Pestilence  and Plague, for the past 150 years.

What are the rules? No one seems to know, anymore. The chaos in the investment environment, resulting from brazen lawlessness, has literally turned the financial world upside down. The consequences of the next actions taken will last for decades. 


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