The Daily Climb-Tuesday, Dec. 27th, 2011

Tuesday, Dec. 27th, 2011 – We are seeing the unthinkable, being done by the unprincipled. Politicians claim to be doing the most good, for the most people. Yet,  the evidence of their actions undeniably condemns them for placing restrictions and burdens on people that are both debilitating and demoralizing. They seem more concerned with increasing the debt burden on the taxpayers, without causing a riot. The news stories of the coming day are things that we never imagined in our wildest nightmares. The Wars of Corporate Conquest continue. We are bombarded with dangerous chemicals. We are confronted with an increasingly invasive and belligerent bureaucracy. Today we sound the alarm, speak loudly and clearly. Lines are being crossed that put us further down the path to genocide.

This bears reposting. We can’t allow this to happen. The chemical they want to spray on America’s farm land makes up 50% of the content of Agent Oange.

I’ve said it before, so I might as well say it again. Corporations commit acts of war, against free people. Unless politicians believe they won’t have to face another election, they still have space to recover their conscience. If they don’t have fear of Eternal consequence, they will answer for their actions.


Here is the video that I was looking for, to go with that Monsanto Dow Chemical story on spraying America’s farm land with a component of Agent Orange.


Don’t you just wish you could run down to your bank, and do the same thing? What’s he think, we’re made of money? No, I think he thinks our great – grandchildren are made of money.


This is the time of year when people feel guilty for taking time off from the Rat Race. At the same time, they fear something going crazy, while their back is turned and they’re distracted. I’m sure everyone would like to leave the trouble to after New Year’s. The problem is that the trouble might not wait that long.

This is the time of year when people feel guilty for taking time off from the Rat Race. At the same time, they fear something going crazy, while their back is turned and they’re distracted. I’m sure everyone would like to leave the trouble to after New Year’s. The problem is that the trouble might not wait that long.


It works the same, everywhere. I made reference to the history of Third World nations in “{Land & Wealth vs. Debt & Promises: The End Game”

“Land & Wealth vs. Debt & Promises: The End Game”


It all begins with knowing what you are going to do, before you have to do it. Time spent now will avoid discomfort or worse, in the future.


Banks are master craftsmen of the Bait-And-Switch and the Shell Game. The currency is created out of nothing, backed by nothing. It is then leveraged to generate as much interest as possible. It is a trap, starting populations behind a debt curve that they will never overcome.


As the security of fiat currencies decline, once favorable financial relationships come to an end. We are seeing nations reevaluate the trade and market conditions. As we have seen in the past, shifting trade relationships do not last. They are an expediency, for the moment.


Gold is money. It is intrinsic value and free of debt. Paper fiat currency is a debt instrument, borrowed into circulation. Even if governments print it, instead of private banks, they are still borrowing with the future as collateral. As long as people will give us real things in exchange for paper and plastic representations, it’s a medium of exchange. When that ends, it’s just paper.


I’ve been telling people to get away from the cities for 30 years. The cities are internment camps. Independence is priceless.


Everybody is going to need to know this. The time to start studying and learning, is now.


I don’t see the Euro swimming upstream against history. I don’t see the USD doing that, either. Fiat currency and fractional banking all run their course, like any other Ponzi scheme. It takes an average of about 40 years, but they all go over the falls, without a barrel.


That was interesting. I analyzed two different samples of my writing, and got the same answer.

It’s interesting, because I don’t write fiction. I did read a lot of Science Fiction, & Fantasy, though.


I know how miserable that is. I’ve done it. It is the lowest point in life. Yet we walk through it. There are 10 million people who are one month’s expenses away from being out in the street. We know what they will face.


Yes, that is the end result of the process that I wrote about in “The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: POVERTY”.

“The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: POVERTY”

This is a great insight into human nature. They swarm toi the trough for more of the same that made them sick, to begin with. Inflation will be a “hidden” tax and interest rate, passed on to the population.


Mr. Griffin speaks better than I write. He knows whereof he speaks, and he has a lot more experience with the issues, than most people.


This is why I make references to the original 1975 version of the film, “Rollerball”. I recognize similar structure in the bureaucracy of today. Everyone should watch these videos. Mr. Griffin is the research standard by which all journalism should be measured.


This confirms what we already knew. The United States is lawless. It is government of the Corporations, by the Attorneys, and for the Banks.


I hate to be the wet blanket all the time, but I don’t see anything in housing meeting expectations in the coming year. The foreclosure fraud issue is still the other shoe, ready to drop.


The fatal flaw is the currency, itself. It is not money. It is a debt instrument, borrowed into circulation. It is exchanged for another debt instrument, a U. S. Treasury bond. The debt must be repaid at interest, twice. U. S. citizens are way behind the debt curve.


I remember in 2009, one of the talking heads on CNBC saying that he was” thinking about teaching his kids the grifting arts”. That must be what it takes to be a banker..


I liked the line about the hookers. When I wrote that America had become a nation of pimps and prostitutes, a few people got angry with me. Too bad. It’s true. I’m going to invent a knew toy and call it the Ponzi stick. It goes up, once. When it comes down, it suffers a catastrophic structural failure. It leaves the user feeling betrayed and violated. If there were no more liability issues than Bernie Madoff and Jon Corzine face, it would be a great idea. I’m not an unprincipled pirate like those two. I’ll just wad that invention idea up for File 13.


Industrial demand for commodities will definitely go down. Food and food related infrastructure will be under a lot of pressure to meet profitable production levels. Whatever the cost, the bullet will be bitten, and the rising costs passed to consumers. Food inflation could make the government numbers silly.


We should remember that a Preservation of Government meeting was held. No Congress people were aware that it took place, and had no knowledge of the content.


Business depends on repeat customers. Drug pushers have the most loyal customers. They will rob and steal to support the business. When addiction replaces reason, there are no rules. With the pharma industry, the corporations are just as dependent on their customers as the addicted customers are to them. It’s a mutually parasitic relationship.


The debt stories are like holes in the dike, multiplying by the week. I haven’t seen that the debt load is given the importance it should hold, in economic forecasts for 2012. Repeatedly, I see inflation understated and consumer activity overstated. 2012 won’t be as good as the forecasts.


U. S. citizenship is a revocable privilege, not a right. It is a share in the Federal corporation It is a legal trust in private law. .It is not a birthright. At the time of detention, it is a simple matter to declare citizenship void. It is a very simple semantic Bait-And-Switch


The outwardly appearing reasons may be money. The underlying condition is that all of this activity is in commercial identity, a dead thing. It is impossible to live, in a dead thing.


People do not own their land. A warranty deed, or other such instrument, is not the actual deed. It is a license, allowing use of the land, subject to the terms of the license. That is subject to revocation or change in statute. Just as with a motor vehicle, the Certificate of Title, by legal definition, is a document issued in lieu of the actual Title. Unless you have the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin in your name, you don’t own the vehicle. If a car loan is used in the purchase, you will never own that vehicle.


This is something that works. I Like it.


What begins in error, ends in error. The divergence of the error expands over time. The basic error is the belief that fiat currency is money. There is no sense in the market because of this fatal flaw. Purely fiat currencies have an average time of circulation of about 40 years. 2012 marks the 40th anniversary of the USD becoming a purely fiat currency.


I pretty much agree with the economic predictions, except for the inflation issues. That means I disagree with the overall economic prediction. Inflation figures are manipulated for political gain. The consumers know that the government lies. I don’t believe that the currencies will be that stable. The French will blow their noses in the general direction of the British. I believe that there will be shortages of basic necessities. There will be episodes of panic buying, if not looting. And finally, the Fed will declare at least one bank holiday, after the election. It will be a busy year. Traders will hold on to their shorts.


There’s nothing like the flavor of the month. The Wars of Corporate Conquest continue.


I once wrote a blog post about the importance of local relationships. Close knit communities get things done, without confusion from politics. The practicality in the situation is that, in a crisis, the only help is the people immediately around us.


Having known several Holocaust survivors in the past 40 years, I can say that They survived experiences that we would never want to go through. They are changed. Simple things, a photograph, a memory, a sound can take them completely out of your presence, back in time. The horrors are fresh in their minds, very real to them. What I have learned about my own family history chills me. Dark days are coming. Is anyone listening to the sound of the alarm, the shofar sounding?  We must do better than people did, in the 1920s. The same laws that enabled tyrants to murder with impunity, are being enacted, today.


As I wrote in my intro for yesterday’s “The Daily Climb”, the debt instruments, like the Federal Reserve notes are like cockroaches or termites. More debt, more of them, won’t increase their food supply. We and everything we possess are the food supply.


The increasing severity of the debt cycle points to a bad end for the economy. Expansion of the availability of debt, easy credit, liquidity will not solve the problem. We are beset with madmen who believe they can print their way to prosperity.


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