The Daily Climb-Tuesday, Dec. 20th, 2011

Tuesday, Dec. 20th, 2011 – This can’t get any more bizarre, can it? The past 24 hours have seen stories about the debt crisis that defy logic and common sense. We see numbers on reviving the EFSF that are laughable. They haven’t found out that they can’t “Ponzi” everything. Even with borrowed debt, they have to put it on the table, right up front. The $1 Trillion or more that the Federal reserve is reportedly ready to kick in is still  a fraction the size of the problem. We’ve seen stories about how that can be leveraged, too. Multiplied debt built this problem, and multiplied debt is supposed to fix it? I don’t think so. Apparently, bankers flunked math badly enough to believe that numbers don’t mean anything. The real world says, think again, count everything over, from the beginning. Speaking of the real world, it’s falling apart, out there. A lot of people are getting an education on how to live on zero dollars.

Ever since a cabal of industrialists, bankers and various people of privilege bought the 25 most influential newspapers in the U. S. , the media has been the voice pushing the Corporatist agenda. Since the early 20th century, wars have been instigated, currency collapses engineered and executed and the rule of statute, Private Administrative Law, has run roughshod over all that was right and decent about America. It is no surprise that media repeats big lies, over and over again.


Having been homeless 7 times in 30 years, I do have some practical experience with poverty. I’m also a photographic speed reader, able to speed read multiple books, at the same time. After 54 years of devouring everything I saw in print, the content coalesces into a blog. Poverty is not a condition that just happens. It is not random misfortune. I am well acquainted with how poverty works. That’s how I came to write “The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: POVERTY”


This is more common than you would think. I know people who have been beaten. A few years ago, there was a gang of teenagers that were eventually caught and went to trial for killing homeless men, with aluminum bats.


The joke is on the paper speculation market. I have friends who have been buying physical gold and silver, for decades. It took a while to get through to them, some of them years. I tell them to ignore the spot price. “Huh?” is the response. First, I tell them to never allow themselves to be put in a position of having to sell their holdings. Second, if a dealer is on the phone, repeatedly trying to buy, tell him you want double spot price. The response is that no one would pay that price. I remind them that they don’t have to sell their gold and silver. I remind them that they are being offered worthless paper for their real money. It is then that they understand that someone who has physical gold and silver is the bank. They have money, and the potential buyers want it. Just how badly they want it, is another story.


Homelessness can happen to anybody. I know a doctor who sleeps in his ’99 Lexus. There is a lot wrong and a lot that is going to get worse. In a crisis, the people around us are the only help we have.We should remember that,when life is easy.


The shelters are uncertain, not open all the time. Where I was, they opened if the temp. was below 25 and dry,or 30 and wet. I’ve spent many below freezing nights in a sleeping bag. After 3 years, I’min a good place, indoors and dry.. I have enough work to feed myself and I have Internet access.I have peace. Every night, I think of my friends back in Colorado, sleeping outdoors on many nights,as we get into winter. Thank God for the shelters and outreach programs. The links to The O. U. R.Center and The Well are in the links on my blog site.


The jump from homelessness to an apartment is bigger than people think. Most of the people I know from the shelters and day centers do day labor, and are grossly underemployed. It’s impossible to do anything, working a day or 2, a week.


The next shoe is hanging by a lace, ready to drop. We will see what sunrise in Europe brings.


This is not good news. To be singled out for attention in this debt crisis kills that country’s ability to function, financially. I believe this is done to focus attention away from the ECB.


The objective of commerce is always conquest. This system of debt slavery is conquering with the stroke of a pen.


The house always wins. It just amazes me that people think ‘Stock market” and “investment” in the same thought. It is encouraging to see stories about people pulling their money out of funds. The stock market began as a nest of swindlers, hustlers and con artists, and so it is, today.

We are faced with 2 very different choices of law. The choices are so opposed to each other, that the conflict between them comes out in this discussion. If I encounter someone whose choice of law is Privaqte Administrative Law, there is no conversation beyond initial disagreement. I test for that choice of law. I pull out a Federal Reserve note, asking if it is money. If the answer is yes, it is likely to be a very short conversation.

In reading this article, we must ask ourselves who’s law we are subject to. As I wrote in “Two Masters”, that decision goes beyond the issues of this life, and beyond this world. It is encouraging to see that someone will still state the facts of the matter and give account for why things are the way they bare. Private Administrative Law doesn’t want to hear the solution to the problem, to this point. I didn’t want to hear such things either, until I admitted to myself that I had inherited lies from my fathers, that were of no profit. I can only make my personal choice of law. I know who I serve.


That’s not surprising, after the admission of error in the last 5 years. That is human nature. Things usually tighten up after someone gets caught. I also see that inventory may also have been misstated. I can’t prove it, I just suspect it.


It was fiat currency and fractional banking that created this crisis. It was deliberate. As I wrote in “Land & Wealth vs. Debt & Promises: The End Game”,so it shall be. The banks get real things. Populations get worthless paper.


Ah, more U. N. Agenda 21, anti – human regulations. Since there is going to be a summit in Rio, let us remember the words of Jacques Cousteau in 1993.

“For the earth to survive as a planet, 350,000 people must die, by whatever means necessary”

Nice guy, that Jacques. He has all Eternity to think about it.


Let’s see if they can avoid sticking another fork in the economy. Benjamin Franklin was right. No man’s person or wallet is safe, when Congress is in session.


There is one fatal flaw in this plan. Fiat currencies and fractional banking created this crisis. More of the same, won’t fix it. The currencies of the world will suffer the same fate as every other fiat currency, before them. It is a bitter cup, and the nations and banks will drink every drop of it. We are only fooling ourselves if we trust in the judgment of the wealth transfer business. Banks get real things. Populations get worthless paper.


That opens so many questions. Could it be that the same harmonics in producing “monster” 90 Ft. waves in the ocean, also create monster storms in the atmosphere?


Embezzlement is always an inside job. In every instance that we’ve seen of investors getting wiped out, people in regulatory agencies covered for the thief. The technicalities may not have been violated in this case, but moral standards and trust were betrayed. Again, we have to ask, who is guarding the guards? When corporate entities, including Federal agencies, operate immorally and without fear of judgment, the system is completely lawless.


Europe must be wearing blinders. The announcement about the Sarko Trade was that it was very limited in scope and would not be available as a QE program. This is the addictive behavior of fiat addiction. People see what they want to see, and hear what they want to hear.


What I was seeing for the last 3 months came out in writing “Cancer Of The Wallet”. I had written more obvious things before, but this was a view I wasn’t aware of. We are seeing a demonstration of the fact that no production economy can prosper by selling into a declining market. The world economy is definitely a declining market.

“Cancer Of The Wallet”                                                                                               

Countless times, every day, we choose whom we will serve. Our free will is confronted with coercion on every level. We see many examples of retribution for voicing objection. We are in a society that is itself, a corporate internment camp. We are required to do things and participate in practices that are bringing judgment upon this land. Our comfort is in knowing that there is a higher court than any institution of man.


That 30 million more people illustrates a bigger problem. Imagine if a significant number of the 50 million people who were murdered by abortion were here today, demanding to know where there jobs are. This is how government deals with issues. If anything interferes with it’s agenda, they just kill people. We see the evidence of the Report From Iron Mountain, which says that, in order to maintain a stable society, a significant portion of the 17 to 25 year old group must be eliminated, and a significant portion of GNP must be destroyed. Everything we see today fits that agenda.


Europe and reality haven’t fit in the same sentence, for months. None of the countries can sell enough bonds to cover the demand for cash, and the answer we’re given is that there’s one more meeting. Forget January. I see an emergency meeting, before the scheduled meeting. It may not even be announced, just reported. It can’t be hidden. The bad dog got loose and the whole EU neighborhood is disrupted. With the Fed talking about moving in with more than $1 Trillion, the debt will have a direct pipeline to the U. S. It is only a matter of time until U. S. banks start having emergency meetings of their own.


So, the limits must be higher than the $1 Trillion + that the Federal Reserve is ready to send to Europe? It will be interesting to see how far above public announcements the real amount goes.


This won’t be pleasant.The amounts discussed in bailout plans would be devoured in no time at all. Even then, proposals have collapsed because even partial funding efforts fell short. These bailout plans don’t work, because there is no money in them. The currencies are all borrowed debt.


Interesting reading. I make further distinction by looking at commercial actions. It is in this area that people openly define themselves, regardless of what they say, or what they believe about themselves.


This is going to be the lifestyle that people wish they had, as the economy worsens and shortages plague the cities.


Of course, it’s treason, right out in the open. Of course, that is what it would have been, before 1867, when the Federal corporation conquered and abolished the States and replaced them with subsidiary corporations, or “states”. Another nail in the America’s coffin was the 14th Amendment, making slaves of everyone. This tyranny didn’t start, recently. Corporatism has been at war against America, for a very long time. The trouble is, it’s very difficult to find any Americans. U. S. citizens are not Americans. They are imported statutory persons, aliens in the state they legally reside in. The train left the track, a long time ago.


‎40 years ago, when I was in high school, I wondered how politicians managed to line their own pockets, while being so busy lining their friends pockets. Today, I understand that it’s a cooperative effort. I think that’s legally called a conspiracy.


I’ve seen this video, several times. The documentation is there. Corporatism has been at work from before ratification of the Constitution. In that day, this guy would be a Tory. He would have had to run for Canada to escape hanging.


Ouch! I always thought it was strange to have so many earthquakes, over so long a period of time, in that one little area. Another place that has always intrigued me, for the same reason, is Puerto Rico.


No production economy can prosper by selling into a declining market. It can shift emphasis into other areas, but the world is a declining market. I went around this block in 2010, as a judge in an online debate on Sino – Indo Relations. The sticking point was a closed cell mentality on both sides of the debate. The sobering thought that brought the discussion around to constructive input was that the combined population was roughly half the world’s population. There is no room for a vacuum, in that circumstance. Mutually beneficial market systems are the answer.


This situation is running on fumes. The bailout plans are just carrots dangled in front of the media noses. The amounts discussed are pocket change, compared to the size of the problem.


Making money is the general idea. Paying dividends is someone showing you how they are going to make you money. Old-fashioned, I know.


“Ben Bernanke In The 21st Century” His paper helicopter, “Air Farce One”. Or not. Bernanke in a green leotard would turn my stomach.


Let us remember that Kim Jong-Il was a loon, to begin with. His arrogance and megalomania were second to none. I don’t expect anything more stable than that.


I’ve been saying for 4 years that these bailouts would not work, because there is no money in them. It’s all borrowed debt, and creates a bigger problem in the future.


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