The Daily Climb-Tuesday, Dec. 13th, 2011

Tuesday, Dec. 13th, 2011 – This morning, there are only two words for the global economy. Get real. A quick scan of the financial headlines shows that Europe already knows that. After a century of trying to create wealth out of nothing, the joyride is over. The austerity budgets that are being announced may be more well  intended than than effective. Budgets are like New Years resolutions. Unforeseen expenses always pop up to throw the budget out the window. We will see, what we will see.

All’s well that ends well. “Labored”‘s reply was greatly appreciated.

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George, good for you. My apologies. Sorry to have so underestimated you and your clear line of analysis. With your POV, you are going to be bigger than Michael Savage ever thought of being! I am sure your following is huge and growing. Keep up the good work.

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Thank you Labored. Popularity is never a goal to be desired. My popularity wanes when I pull out Federal Reserve notes, and ask people if they are money. It’s always an interesting discussion. They usually don’t have the endurance to hear the terms and conditions in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. I read Black’s Law Dictionary for fun. If the conversation reaches that level, I exceed human endurance. Ma my of my friends are still doing their radio programs. I’ve been asked by different people since leaving The American Freedom Network, to do internet radio. i would need a much better connection, to do that. I still keep up with Robby Noel on Republic Broadcasting, Eric Cedarstrom through their podcasts, Barry Chamish on Republic, Randy Yarbrough on AFN, etc. Thank you for taking a look at some of my posts. Most people don’t bother.

When I write about people being squeezed out of the economy, people don’t want to believe it. They believe that the plan for the future includes them. It doesn’t. They are human resources, expendable and disposable.

Embezzlement is always premeditated. Don’t think for a second that investment brokers don’t think about what they can get away with, and how to do it. This is gambling that we’re talking about, not active, personal participation in a business.

BlackListedNews Radio is on the air.

Watch Greece and the rest of the PIIGS nations closely. When the Fed antes it’s watch, cuff links and certificates of title into the pot, you’ll know what to do. You don’t want to be standing in line when the banks declare a bank holiday. I hear that currency makes good mattress padding.

All I had to see was the word “Tax”, and I said, “Don’t do it!”. You know that every tax has mission creep. Every tax turns into another bureaucratic fiefdom, with it’s very own “castle” in Washington, D. C.

Response to “Labored” on the Evil Of Indifference blog.

You obviously haven’t read a thing that I’ve written, Labored. You unjustly assumed things that I never said. If you read my blogs, you will find that I know the history, very well. I know that the collusion between the Robber Barons and Congress set up the Federal Reserve. Through working in talk radio, I’ve had a passing acquaintance with G. Edward Griffin, author of “Creature From Jekyll Island”.
You would know that labor unions set up Corporatist slavery in the workplace. You would know that the 14th Amendment made slaves of everyone. I suggest you read my “POV” before you jump to conclusions. Here are some links to a few of my blog entries that will clear up this misunderstanding. Scroll down the page past “The Daily Climb” and you’ll find them. 

 ‎”Reconstruction: The Broad Way To Destruction” 

‎”The Real Weapon Of Mass Destruction: POVERTY”

War Under Heaven: The World At Commerce 

Sounds like risky business, to me. It would be like trying to hang a noose over a tree limb, by putting the loop around your neck, and carrying the rope up a ladder. You throw the rope over the limb and tell someone on the ground to hold on to it, in case anything bad happens to you.

The world is making it easy for me. I don’t have to be witty, insightful or intelligent for more than a few minutes at a time. The rest of the day is spent stating the obvious.

When the Euro was about to be introduced, it was supposed to be 15% backed by gold. That didn’t last long. No fiat currency can be a “gold standard”. I can understand the reasoning behind even considering that the Euro could be a monetary standard. In the financial environment, access to debt is the new money. It may function as a medium of exchange, but it is not in itself, wealth. Therein lies the root of the debt crisis. There is no money in it.

There does seem to be a lot of traffic coming through the solar system, lately. Could it be that the observation capabilities are greater than in past generations? Or, could it be that there is just more to observe?

MF Global is a case of dynamite, under a lot of things. The latest news about MFG selling $2 billion in Italian bonds to JP Morgan and an unnamed hedge fund, at a 5% discount to the market, is another stick added to the pile.

From the beginning, the MF Global failure is institutionalized embezzlement. If the investigation is a whitewash, silence is consent. Congress and the regulatory agencies would be complicit in the theft, by inaction and by dereliction of duty.

The other side of the coin is that, whatever is done before mid – January, no one will be available for comment.

One thing that everyone has agreed on, is that the world is running out of room for error. We are definitely watching the consolidation of power. I see many similarities to the 1920s and ’30s.

The influences driving the market are simple. One day, the rumors of fresh milk at the Nanny State teat energizes activity. The next, after finding a dried up old cow, the market drops out, nursing on the knot in it’s gut.

This is one more example of a fork being stuck in the “global recovery” nonsense. We are seeing the inability of government to skew public opinion. For their efforts over the past century, governments will take a whipping for perpetuating the fiat currency lie. The public gets that brunt of reality, and is quick to express dissatisfaction. Banks will fail and governments topple. This madness degenerates into a corporate slave state, which the banks wanted, all along. They now have the culture of dependency that will agree to anything to keep subsidized consumerism.

Wall St. is a dream world. The emphasis has gone from financing the building of anything business related, to speculating on the direction of the market. The disconnect with the real world is complete. Wall St. is the picture of the vultures, sitting on top of the power poles, watching for the next roadkill.

The National Socialists in Congress believe that government created the American Dream. History calls them liars. Government is an abusive and invasive parasite on the American Dream. This nonsense is just a retread of Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” The difference is that we have more Viet Nams than we can shake a stick at. Be prepared when the Pelosi hits the fan.

When trust is fulfilled, it’s a wonderful thing. When trust is misplaced, it is catastrophic. The European debt crisis is one jaw of a leg hold trap. The coming U. S. debt crisis is the other. We see the European situation moving and closing in on us. The USD is just waiting there, ready to pin us down.

This must be the theme for today. Austerity budgets are an admission of reality. The intention is good, but the flesh is week. When government announces these things, it’s like a drug addict promising to turn over a new leaf and start clean. It doesn’t last long. When the chills and shakes set in, the vomiting and delirium follow, shortly after.

No disagreement here. The can has been kicked down the road, for decades, and the “much worse” is here. Compounding the slowing economy is the inevitable decline in tax revenues. From the government viewpoint, the debt crisis clearly parks itself on the government doorstep. The debt load won’t take IOUs.


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