The Daily Climb-Thursday, Nov. 24th, 2011

Thursday, Nov. 24th, 2011 – What do you think about in Thanksgiving week? I think about the lessons of history. Just in the last century, hundreds of millions of people have been reduced to possessing nothing more than what they could carry. Displaced by natural disaster and war, they were thrown out in the world, with nowhere to go. Still billions more people have never known any other life.  This is why I say that the priorities are water, food and shelter, in that order. If we have those priorities secured, we should thank our Creator for them.

On this day when people take time to count their blessings, we are reminded that the world is a bad place, but it doesn’t have to be, where we are. We can choose to avoid the trouble. May we all receive instruction in the way we should go and do all that we know is good and right.

At least somebody bumped into reality in the dark. There is no way that lining up more debt to throw at this problem is going to work. The EFSF was dead on launch. Better late than never on pushing the abort button. Pushing this bailout would just dig a deeper hole. You’ll thank them, later.

This could be a bad poker hand. After painting themselves into a corner on Eurobonds, Germany could suffer a credibility crisis in any bond issue, on any terms. A change in policy would be like only being a little bit pregnant.

There are so many factors that are bigger than politicians. They are the tail in a game of crack the whip. As has been demonstrated in Greece and Italy, politicicians are expendable and disposable. It is the banks that control the issuance of currency. The conditions are structured for their benefit. Time would best be spent on figuring out their next move.

Another question comes up, over and over again. Who is going to pay for all of this? Shopping is fun, until you get to the check out. The world has been running on revolving debt. We are now seeing the inevitability of default. Repossession of assets will become a common occurrence in 2012.

The debt monster is on the rampage. Germany doesn’t want to get devoured. It’s every nation for themselves, now.

It always takes a bigger lie and more paper representations of the lie, to cover up the original lie. The original lie is that fiat currency is a viable monetary system. In the end, trouble comes because fiat currency depends on monetizing everything and everyone. Yes, even people are for sale. The largest human trafficker is the labor system. People are now human resources to be harvested, processed and packaged for resale. Nations have earned this trouble. Hanging on to the paper lie will drag them down with it.

Funny money makes people do funny things.

Somebody better come up with a plan. Otherwise, it reminds me of Slim Pickens in “Blazing Saddles”

That has been my experience. People just don’t want to know the truth.

G. Edward Griffin does superior work. His efforts as a researcher and writer are without equal. Get his FREE E-mail Newsletter.

Along with the evidence against flouridation, comes the question of how the ADA could fail chemistry so badly, and still have any credibility in the health industry. They should be prosecuted for endangering the public.

Gold and silver judge paper. Paper is found guilty of fraud.

Bottom line: When the dust settles, real income never keeps pace with inflation. To have real income, you have to have real money in circulation. Inflating the fiat currency supply is the definition of inflation. The purchasing power of the currency declines. In some cases, purchasing power goes to zero.

This should be called the “Titanic Test”. Banks have to think about surviving until help arrives. Start building lifeboats.

The rumors of impending doom have been flying for some time, now. It appears to be every man for himself in the Eurozone. None of the proposals floated in the past two weeks have actually had the resources to keep the Euro viable. At this point, something will be done, even if it’s wrong.

The news reports during the debt crisis made it clear that Europe was a very negative environment for bond sales. Their is no investor confidence in the Eurozone and the common currency, until these conflicts are resolved.

This is a very dangerous time. I’ve said that no production economy can prosper by selling into a declining market. Exports funded rhat real estate bubble. As a bottleneck develops in export cash flow, all sectors feel the pinch. There is no room for complacency. All of Asia is vulnerable, not just China.

All things obey the Law of Entropy. Government made promises it couldn’t keep. U. S. citizens are complicit in inflicting poverty on future generations. Those future generations are paying for it, now.


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