The Daily Climb-Thursday, Dec. 8th, 2011

Thursday, Dec. 8th, 2011 – Any game is defined by it’s rules. The environment of competition demands resolution and conclusion. The size and shape of the playing dield, the equipment and the required conduct make decision possible. In the game of Finance, the game behaves more like one of the players in the bigger game, The Economy. This is what happens when private central banks achieve size and power that deludes them into believing that they are bigger than the game, itself. They exalt themselves above any law or accountability.

That pretty well sums it up, Joshua. It’s a real recipe for disaster. You can’t squeeze everything into on end of the debt balloon. When this pops, it will be a wild ride.

I especially like Thomas Jefferson quotes. Jefferson knew more about human nature, than most.

This sounds like, “Beat me, beat me! Make me write bad checks!” You have 27 countries with not so bright ideas to do, with money that doesn’t exist. Quick, run to Wal Mart and buy another Monopoly game. They need the extra currency.

If this were about sources, it wouldn’t have been about compensation. This is retaliatory action by the corporate structure. Obsidian should get no more compensation than a turnip found by the side of the road, or be buried, wearing ice skates.

It’s every nation for itself, now. All that remains to be seen is who picks up the pieces. Will it be Germany? Or, France? Will it be a consortium of banks that buy Europe for a pittance? Stay tuned.

The NRA has it’s own skeletons in the closet. Without their support and participation, there would be no National Firearms Act of 1934. Their record is one of appeasement.

What goes around, comes around, eventually. The road to Hell is now paved with fiat currency.

This can of worms that is foreclosure fraud has been ready to spill on the table, for a long time. The banks want it swept under the rug. The mortgage holders want to escape for pennies on the dollar. The state AGs don’t seem to be of any effect, political hacks that they are. Eventually, this festering sore will crash the housing market a bring a rash of bank failures.

Back at the beginning of the ‘Occupy’ movement, I pointed out that the protesters had voluntarily rounded themselves up in internment camps, of their own making. Perhaps I was too subtle at the time. I put in the form of a question. “Redress Of Grievances Or Voluntary Internment?” I was hoping to get the point across that civil disorder has no legal defense. I should have plainly stated that such activity makes people sitting pigeons. 

Government eventually reaches the “Us vs. Them” stage. This is the character flaw in human nature that our laws are supposed to protect us from. This raises the Fascism question. Who is guarding the guards?

The night sky could be very interesting, for the next week or so.

Very unusual. With the recent solar activity, perhaps weather models need to be revised to consider the effects of solar flares and magnetic storms.

It may become forget Germany, the U. S. has it’s own problems. This debt addiction is referred to as “contagion”, for good reason. Everyone can play the debt game, as hard as they can go. The banks are ahead of the debt curve. Nations are behind it. It’s a losing end game.

If Washington, D. C. seems to be a different planet, it’s because it’s legal reality is a different planet. The private law system of Corporatism is skewed by the dictates of corporate hierarchy. You can read ‘em and weep in Black’s Law Dictionary. Selective enforcement is the rule of their private law.

Sure, they are. Everybody is in good shape, and well – positioned for the recovery. People lose credibility, when they lie. This is most obvious in financial transactions because every conflict has a commercial root. A bank’s greatest fear is a run on the deposits. The banks in Germany don’t want to see depositors lined up for blocks, waiting to withdraw their funds.

It’s only paper. It’s a pity that the banks, not the populations, don’t get stuck with it. A real stress test is how fast you can run, when you see a tornado coming your way. The paper tornado is going to circle the globe.

Makes sense to me. I’ve been saying for 30 years, get away from the cities, grow your own food, get as independent as possible.

No place in the world is homogeneously good and evil, positive and negative. No place stays in either condition, continuously. All things being equal, life depends on the flexibility to change location and circumstances, without wasting time about planning and forcing conditions.

This sounds like the Federal Reserve note, itself. I womder if Ben Bernanke doodles scams like this on his napkin, at lunch.


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