The Daily Climb-Thursday, Dec. 1st, 2011

Thursday, Dec. 1st, 2011 – The best that I can say this morning is that the immediate future became a little more clear. The world is depending on rising unemployment, reduced production of goods and  breakdowns in distribution systems to offset the inflation created by the recent collusion by the central banks. What that really means is that populations are being immobilized and their choices limited. As I wrote in “The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: POVERTY”, fiat currency is a weapon of war. War is a commercial action.

Overall, the house wins. People like to think they’re lucky, but luck doesn’t make a lifetime living. A lot of the homeless in Las Vegas are gamblers who used to have money.

We used to call that a lot of running around, for nothing. It still is. It’s the reason that gamblers never get out of the hole.

This is reality contradicting the actions of the central banks. Since the currencies aren’t real money and the liquidity is just more borrowed debt. the world is becoming the old Soviet joke. People pretend to work and the government pretends to pay.

A lot of claims are made for the “help” that private banks provide. The actual result is that they bury nations in debt that they will never get out of. Slavery has always been the prederred business model of the private, central banks. We have the record of the enslavement of Africa and South America. The same debt slavery is coming to the United States and Europe.

More importantly, the banks are going to have huge losses that are going to go on the books. There are defaults coming that will change the financial axis of the world.

The original form of the legislation telegraphed the intent. As we learned with the Patriot Act, amendments mean nothing toward the application and enforcement of statutes. Who is guarding the guards?

We had industrial production and low taxes to allow us to produce enough to get out of the hole, after WW II. Now, we have never had more debt, and less ability to pay it. The fantasy world is going to meet reality.

Having spent a few nights in weather and extreme cold, I know that it is imperative to stay dry. There is nothing to rescue, if you are dead.

So, it’s official. We’re living in the film, “Enemy Of The State”. What’s Will Smith doing, these days?

Measuring the economy by GM’s report is like judging the economy by Warren Buffet’s gross income. We’ve all seen what happens with all of that dealer inventory is still sitting in dealer lots, after the end of the model year. The numbers are not nearly as good, then.

When I wrote that “Corporatism is amoral, predatory and cannibalistic”, I wasn’t joking. People are beginning to learn that it’s true.

The fact that people continue to trust brokers with their money while these legal issues are still unresolved is a testimony to gullibility. But then, gamblers still gamble, after the game goes crooked.

Life on the Federal Debt Plantation doesn’t have an optimistic future. As long as we are addicted to that fake money. there is nowhere to go, but down.

The foreclosure fraud issue will have more to say about the United States economy, than any other single issue. Prosecution of fraud and recovery of restitution are vital to restoring rule of law.

I remember a study that showed, that if you have change in your pocket, less than a dollar, you are in the top 5%. If you have more than a dollar, you are in the top 2%. You are still poor.

The objective of commerce is always conquest. The borrower is servant to the lender. We are watching the world being consolidated into one corporation. The goal is one government, one currency and one master.

As we learned playing Monopoly, everything returnsto the bank, at the end of the bank. That’s why we have attorneys and no one owns anything. It all becomes property of the bank. From Black’s Law Dictionart, 6th Edirion:

attorn : to deliver tirle and/or possession of property into the hand of a third partu. As long as we have fiat currencies and fractional banking, there is no solution to the debt crisis. When man throws the rules out the window, we end up in exactly t5he same situation we are in, now.

This could be just the beginning. If no one remembers the early ’80s, the commercial conflicts created breakdowns in delivery systems. Double – digit inflation and high interest rates cut into the economy and people suffered.

Now that the central banks have chosen to ante up everything into the pot, it’s go for broke time. After this run is over, it will be a long time before anyone sees any upside, outside of commodities. Declining purchasing power may finish that off, as well. Whatever people are going to do, they had better take care of it, now.

Once we understand that central banks are in the wealth transfer business. these actions are easy tro understand. The banks get real things. You get worthless paper. If you bought a car and paid for it in marbles, that would be more real than the currency.

Regardless of what the financial news tells us, the Ponzi scheme must be disintegrating. This perverse mania to put the world under their thumb has painted the central banks into a corner. They counter with the only weapon they have, fiat cuttrncy and fractional banking. Hopefully, they will awaken to the fact that they’re not the only game in town. Of course, we will see the resultant wars of corporate conquest. Perception is now so skewed that war is now called a humanitarian action.


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