The Daily Climb-Thursday, Dec. 15th, 2011

Thursday, Dec. 15th, 2011 –  Today starts out with a PSA. You’ve all seen it before. Picture two eggs, sunny side up, sizzling in a skillet. This is your brain, on fiat currency. The currency is an excitotoxin. It stimulates the nerves. Everything looks and tastes better, but the currency itself is not food, has no nutritional value., and has debilitating side effects. Fiat currency is like MSG. It makes salad look better and gives the taste buds that “zing”. Never mind that MSG has caused brain lesions and tumors in laboratory mice. After decades of using MSG, we have the strange maladies that no official explanation seems to address. As with the side effects that government won’t talk about, so it is with fiat currency.

The world is now delirious with those side effects. The disorientation and confused perception that we read in the news is getting more extreme in it’s mood swings. The only way to survive this is to stop ingesting the fiat currency.  It demands explanation for how wrong monetary policy can be, about maintaining viable currencies. The historical explanation is that fiat currencies are a fabrication that always ends in failure. Ben Bernanke should just admit that Federal Reserve notes are not money.

Insider manipulation is a fact of life. Some people just don’t leave a paper trail. The problem is that people just have to push the edge, stretch the envelope. What happens here and now will multiply the effect, whether toward restraint or financial mayhem.

It is pointless to talk about repaying thev national debt. Before the debt was repaid, there would be no currency in circulation. Federal Reserve notes are borrowed into circulation. After the currency was paid on the national debt, the interest would still remain. The Ponzi scheme already has a cash flow problem.

I wish people understood this. I’ve tried to explain it in so many ways. This is what brought the institutional Ponzi scheme to Main St. It is the most basic betrayal of trust in the economy.

The new boss is always the same as the old boss. We knew 40 years ago, that the largest trafficker in contraband was the U. S. government. Criminal activity is harbored within the bureaucracy, and operates unhindered. When a middleman like Noriega gets too big for his britches, U. S. troops go to fetch him or kill him. We live in a time obsessed with staying on the right side of wrong.

This is another example of the 1920s and ’30s being repeated. These enabling laws eventually give rise to a dictator, a murderous tyrant.

Fiat currency makes an ineffective painkiller. From time to time, articles about national gold reserves pop up. That is the real story, hidden behind the speeches and press releases. The debt crisis is the strong arm tactic in this war of economic conquest.

The ratings agencies can’t leave anyone sitting on the sidelines, now can they? The U. S. should be up for a downgrade, any day now. Mt guess is that bank defaults in Europe will clear the deck for the U. S. to get to the front burner.

The numbers may look good, but they are always manipulated to make the circumstances look good. We are weary of statistics revised in the negative direction, a month or so, after they were released. In what Third World country is U. S. industrial production, now?

A generation of people depending on government to rob their neighbors for their benefit, has produced a world of dependency. In one generation, we have gone from independence and ingenuity, to dependency and complacent incapacitation.

Ahhhhh ….. the sights and sounds of the bustling marketplace, complete with pickpockets and street urchins. How are you going to spend your lump of coal? It may be that a lot of people don’t even get a lump of coal.

They should become farmers. The working environment is better and they get all the food they can eat.

Regardless of the parameters of Stress Tests or their scheduling, the collapse of the Euro will not be a drill. It’s the difference between playing a video game, and trying to stay alive in a live fire zone.

Real Estate Brokers and Car Salesmen are the poster children for advertising and marketing hype. Lying is a way of life for them. Their efforts to self promote market activity are shameless. They tell the public that everything is wonderful. Privately, they admit to each other that they have one foot in bankruptcy and the other on a banana peel.

Combined with the NDAA legislation, this copyright excuse would make political hit lists a fact of life, in the United States.

The Elite are Psychopaths

The police and military should know that we are reliving the events of the 1920s and ’30s. These are the actions being taken that brought the world down to chaos and destruction. After WW II, ‘just following orders” was no excuse. Go back and study the Nuremburg Trials, and listen to your conscience.

The paper contract is not the real metal, in your possession. MF Global demonstrated that fact. The manipulation of the spot price has no relationship to the physical gold market. In fact, I tell people that when they are made an offer for their physical gold, to demand double spot price. They should also add a healthy surcharge to cover future inflation. If you have physical real money in your hand, you are the bank. You should never be in the position of having to sell your gold. The fiat currency system is a beggar, and needs to be reminded of that, regularly.

The legal definitions of the terms, American” and U. S. citizen” are completely different, mutually exclusive, and carry decisively different legal standings. Yes, the Federal corporation can do as it pleases with it’s property, U. S. citizens.

The bad news is that there are at least as many people who don’t count in the labor statistics. The problem isn’t work, or the lack thereof. The problem is mainstream employment and the bureaucratic costs that go with it. The workforce shouldn’t be making the payments on lavish lifestyles of paper pushing desk jockeys.

Today, people see stories about people squirreling away currency in mattresses as an historical oddity. Those old folks knew something that we don’t. Their money was safer with them sleeping on it, than it was in a bank. After the experiences of bank holidays and frustration with trying to get their money out, mistrust of banks was well founded. Look at Greece. Do you think people enjoy waiting in long lines, to get their money out of a bank?

The shadow banking system is the smoke and mirrors illusion that we have always heard about. It began as nothing, is underwritten by nothing, and will return to nothing, taking those who believe that fiat currency is money, with it. Behind the shadows is outer darkness. Relax. i’ll save you a spot in line, at the soup kitchen.

Class is in session. We can all learn from this. We’ve seen currency collapses in Third World countries. No one really cares how many zeros are on the currency of Zimbabwe. People don’t care that their currency won’t buy enough tissue to blow your nose. Europe is different. The Euro represents a big chunk of the world economy. What happens in Europe has an effect, everywhere. Never say that it can’t happen, here.

That’s nice. The debt crisis is coming to the United States. It must be that I’m in the U. S. and was too close to see it. The solution to the world’s problem is to dump U. S. treasuries. Brilliant. (sarcasm free of charge)

Imagine 27 people playing Monopoly. One player gets angry with another, because he won’t sell him Boardwalk. The dispute degenerates into insults and character assassination. To think that they’re arguing over fake money is the depths of delusion.


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