The Daily Climb-Sunday, Dec. 18th, 2011

Sunday, Dec. 18th, 2011 – This week, we will see the Law of Entropy at work. As the European debt crisis expands, we see institutions such as the Federal Reserve, drawn into the liquidity vacuum. There isn’t a choice in this matter. The Law of Entropy demands a constant input of energy to maintain present conditions. All of the fiat currencies are debt – based. It would be equivalent to trying to stay healthy on a diet of nothing but sugar. Eventually, systemic breakdowns would land you in the hospital. At this point, only real things can feed this system. This is why we see the level of fraud, theft and deception in the financial markets. Real things are harder to come by, than just printing paper. We are seeing corporate entities , such as MF Global, openly pillaging investors. I expect that we will see a lot more of that activity, particularly at the hands of central banks. We are now in the currency wars. In this system of false weights and measures, there are no rules. This is survival of the lawless, devouring the defenseless.

Will it be more of the same, or is this a change in direction? The next week should be interesting.

They pop up, occasionally. the curiosity and mystery about Nazi culture drag people in. It’s that moth to a flame scenario. Whether the participants thought it was in jest or not, there is no justification for such behavior.

It’s all perfectly logical. Hell is coming to breakfast, and people know it. Discretionary spending is a thing of the past. If the currency follows the historical standard, they’ll evaporate into thin air, back where the currency came from. I ask what people will do when the banks don’t open, the ATMs and cash registers don’t work, and they can’t get any answers. We’re about to find out.

With all of the saber rattling that has gone on in the area, it remains to be seen if this change will put tensions on hold or contribute to instability. Whatever happens, the markets will react, very quickly.

These certainly aren’t normal times. In fact, the term “normal” shouldn’t apply in the moral sense of the word. As we have seen, “normal” now means “any way the wind blows”. The world is going to Thunderdome. They won’t break the rules, because there aren’t any.. Obviously, there is so much irreparably wrong, that we are seeing the political gloves drop. Any pretense of rule of law disappeared with the NDAA. The corporate oligarchy is out in the open.

As history records, the Federal Reserve does not tolerate competition. The last president to successfully defeat the private central bank was Andrew Jackson. Kennedy didn’t make it. It was difficult to take a stand as President of the United States, with his brains blown out. We have had government by threat of assassination for 150 years. Private banks have a long history of such acts. They kill national leaders, instigate wars, financing both sides, and buy elections. They certainly attack currencies that they want to eliminate.

The media has been the bought and paid for advertising and marketing agent for the Globalist agenda, ever since the bankers and industrialists bought the 25 most influential newspapers in America, almost 100 years ago. The growth of the propaganda machine started there. One of the first acts by this lying cabal was to quash the ad announcing that Germany knew that the Lusitania would be carrying munitions bound for Great Britain, the week before the ship sailed. All it took to kill the ad was intervention from Woodrow Wilson. Since then, the media hasn’t slowed in the slightest. Fabrication and falsehood are now what passes for journalism.

This must be why we run a huge deficit. Buying friends and coercing people is expensive.

This has gone way too far. We are reliving the 1930s. We’ve seen it all, before. After a decade of violence in Europe, Western Europe in general, and Germany specifically, were ready for a dictator. Along came Hitler. Today, after numerous terror alerts, false flag events, military operations against U. S. citizens, the people are looking for a great leader to fix everything. They just aren’t thinking that it will be a leader that will fix them.

We are reliving the 1930s. This is the same form as the Enabling Acts that made Hitler a dictator. We have said for years that the war was against U.S. citizens. It’s out in the open, now.

I never could resist a good Thomas Jefferson quote. He knew more about human nature than most. The Abraham Lincoln quote is interesting. He should have known what he was saying. He led the war that conquered the States and replaced them with subsidiary corporations.

If this debt crisis followed the Titanic script, no one would announce to the depositors, “In 22 minutes, you’re all good as dead.” In the banking time frame, it’s a little bit different. Could be 22 days, or weeks, but definitely not years. Plunging into the near freezing ocean of debt is going to shock the world.

There are 10 million people who are one month’s expenses away from living in the street. I’ve had friends that I “camped” with, because they couldn’t make the rent.

There is no sense in any of this. Since 2007, there have been housing developments of unsold homes that have been bulldozed. I’ve been writing about the reasons for almost 4 years.

I wrote about the municipal response to homelessness in “The Spirit of Dr. Moreau”. It is an amoral and anti – human mentality that sees the homeless as vermin.

“The Spirit of Dr. Moreau”

The faces of the homeless contain the memories and experiences of a world that most people can’t imagine. I don’t have to imagine. I have the memories.

The scenes are a window into the experience. The isolation, waiting out the night for daybreak can’t be described by mere words. In many places, being hunted like an animal by the police is worse than snow and rain.

It’s hard to get things moving, but life would be a lot harder without you. We have to be the help that God sends.

I applaud your efforts. It can be done, as The O. U. R. Center in Longmont .Colorado has demonstrated, for 25 years.

I was briefly homeless in Asheville. People have no idea about the desperation to find a place to go.

This is what it has come to. Th3e days are coming when we won’t know anyone, who knows anyone, who has a traditional job. Retirement? What’s that?

It’s the same everywhere you go. It isn’t getting any better. I’m thinking of my friends, who are still sleeping outdoors. Thank God for the homeless shelters and the food banks.

As we get into winter, I’m thinking of my friends in Colorado, who are sleeping outdoors. Thank God for the homeless shelters and food banks.

Without places like the O. U. R. Center and The Well, life would be miserable.

 The Well   

Only the people who’ve been out there can describe it. When people experience homelessness for the first time, they can’t find words to express the vulnerability and uncertainty. Homelessness teaches people how to pray.

Every municipality is seeing growing numbers of homeless. I have been telling people for 30 years to get away from the cities, learn to grow and store your own food, and get as independent from the distribution system as possible. We are coming into the days when we will have no other choice.

If it weren’t for the homeless shelters and food banks, life would be horrible for many people. The circumstances aren’t getting any better. I’[m thinking of my friends, who are still sleeping outdoors.

Having been homeless 7 times in 30 years, my life experiences make me an advocate for the disenfranchised and displaced people living in the streets. I speak out for people who have nowhere to go, remembering my friends who are still sleeping outdoors. Thank God for the homeless shelters and food banks.

As I’ve said, the days are coming when we won’t know anyone, who knows anyone, who has a traditional job. We will have to be more resourceful, adaptable and independent than any generation since the Great Depression.

We are coming into times that no none is prepared with. Not since the Great Depression have people had to learn how to live on zero dollars. Without the kindness of others, there would be no hope. In a crisis, we are the help that God sends.

It comes down to who we are, to what we do, and how that measures up to what we are supposed to be. In a crisis, we are all the help that God sends.

We never know how important the next person we meet will be to our future. Outward appearances mean nothing. People value the superficial because we are all trained to measure people for their commercial utility. That is the expression of inhumanity, in everyday life. We should do better, if we know that.

Defense contractors always come grunting and snuffling in, when Congress slops the hogs. The military has been a private, mercenary army for so long, that they make no distinction in killing when the corporate structure points an accusing finger.

I’ve been homeless 7 times, in 30 years. Until someone has been there, they have no clue what it’s about. Live and learn. That’s all we can do.

We knew that an abdication of sovereignty was involved in joining the Eurozone. The velvet glove comes off the iron fist.

The history of Europe doesn’t just say no. It says “Hell, no!” The thought of paying tribute to a foreign interloper would start another Hundred Years War.

There’s nothing like the reality of taxes to bring people to their senses. We were warned about the heavy handed and predatory nature of international treaties.

Because the USD is borrowed into circulation, and exchanged for another debt instrument, U. S. Treasury bonds, there would b3e no currency in circulation, long before the debt was paid. It is a mathematical end game, a Ponzi scheme.

Most people don’t know this. They also don’t know that U. S. citizens are not Americans. They don’t know that they are legal trusts, imported statutory persons and aliens in the states they legally reside in.

Yes, good sarcasm is hard to find. I do remember that, in one currency devaluation, Zimbabwe knocked 19 zeros off the currency. Looks like they’re back up to 14. Frequent flyer miles must be priceless, by comparison.

That’s a good start. Breaking up the incestuous relationship between lending and investment will eliminate a lot of opportunity for corruption. Getting free of the central banks and their fiat currencies should be the ultimate goal, but everything is done, one step at a time.

Banks and ratings agencies take turns playing “good cop/bad cop”. They pit nations and their currencies against each other. In the conflict, they finance both sides, in every dispute. There are many losers, but the central banks always win. Enjoy prosperity while it lasts. History teaches that it doesn’t last forever.

I’ve been trying to hammer that lesson home, for a decade. If people won’t hear it, they’ll experience it for themselves, when they get swindled. Money is money, and paper is not money.

Not only are most people ignorant about money, they are also ignorant about History and Human Nature. They should know that choice of money is a basic choice of law. Choosing fiat currency as money brings about all of the delusion that produce the Liberal/Progressive mentality. It is rebellion, plain and simple.

Please read all comments on this post. We know something is wrong. We should understand the wrong and do what we can to set it right.

It is a pity, John. It’s one of the motivations that keeps me writing and trying to reach people. The Bible says ( I’ll find the reference, if you want it) that one man pledging another for security for debt, is an abomination, and that man shall surely die. It also says that pledging a mans means of making a living is an abomination, and under the same curse. The entire economic system is based on such abominations. U. S. citizens pledge themselves and their children as security for debt. This abomination is coming to an end, and people can’t expect their days to be long upon the earth.

Thank you for bringing that up, John. Early in my days as a believer, I was struck by the example of another great English preacher, John Knox. John Knox was a slave trader who was brought to his knees in great remorse. We have to remember that we are the people that great preachers prayed would be here, after they were gone.

My apologies to Scotland, John. I just learned something I didn’t know

The handwriting has been on the wall, for a long time. Back in 1965, or thereabouts, before the Zip Code became the Zip Code, the designation was FOZ, the acronym for Federal Occupation Zone. The same pattern that we see in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., has been applied in the United States, ever since The War of Federal Conquest in 1867. This is the pattern of Corporatism. Invasion, Conquest, Subjugation, Occupation. It is repeated many times in history. It moves from a shooting war to occupation by bureaucrats and tax collectors.

Let us not forget the Preservation of Government meeting, which no member of Congress knew about, until after it had taken place. We now see that Congress is neutered and irrelevant, by Executive Order.

For decades, I have suggested that people vote to replace Congress with their state legislatures. Members would serve in the Federal capacity on a rotating basis, determined by each legislature. State officials don’t necessarily act in the best interest of the public, but they are closer to home. As long as people insist on being U. S. citizens, imported statutory persons and aliens in the state they reside in, that would be the best option available to them.

It should be safe to say that we will see legislation and revision of regulations to protect investor assets. The public is of a mind to throw Congress under the bus.

They might need to hire David Copperfield to pull this one off. An end of year rally would be an illusion, fed by strong delusion. There doesn’t seem to be much sentiment, or resources for that matter, to support any significant volume. It’s a lot harder to get the lemmings moving toward the cliff, these days

The horse has been missing from this barn for so long, that the vultures found the carcass, first. Maybe the public will learn not to pay for promises. Then again, gamblers still put their money down, when the house goes crooked.

In 80 years, government entitlement programs have produced a growing near – majority of emotionally crippled dependents. We must retrace our steps. Get away from the cities. Grow our own food. Become independent from the distribution system.

The answers are back in that little fracas in the 1860s, the War of Corporate Conquest. It wasn’t between the states. The Federal corporation conquered the States and replaced them with subsidiary corporations. The Federal corporation now claims right of conquest.

America ceased to exist in 1867. The States were conquered by the Federal corporation, and replaced with subsidiary corporations. The 14th Amendment made slaves of everyone. the Supreme Court ruled in 1873 that everyone in the United States was presumed to be a federal citizen. U. S. citizens are not Americans. They are imported statutory persons, aliens in the states they legally reside in.

You don’t have to be a genius to know that something is terribly and deliberately wrong. The economics and the politics say that we are reliving the 1920s & ’30s. We are seeing it in the municipal response to poverty. I have seen the cities as voluntary internment camps, for 30 years. On this present course, barbed wire and guard towers won’t be needed. Fear is the fence and the currency is the lock on the prison gate.

That follows the pattern. Create a crisis with fake money. Collapse the economy. Get people grabbing at straws. Sugar coat slavery to make it look like a remedy for poverty. It’s worked before in history.

The situation isn’t likely getting any better. I’ve been saying for years, that the days are coming, when we won’t know anyone, who knows anyone, who has a traditional job. We are going to have to think, act and work more independently, than ever before.

We must first understand that, in a crisis, the people immediately around us are the help we have. For 30 years, I’ve been telling people to get away from the cities, grow their own food, and get as independent from the distribution system as they can. The priorities are water, food and shelter, in that order. Without those three things, nothing else matters.

Homelessness isn’t going to just disappear. This winter could be made a lot harder by economic conditions. People are trying to accomplish something today, instead of having to face a bigger problem, in the future.

I’ve been homeless 7 times in 30 years. Unless and until someone has been there, they can’t imagine the things that become important.

Having been homeless 7 times in 30 years, I’ve learned a lot of things, the hard way. Planning and preparation save a lot of pain and suffering. A crisis is not the time to figure out how and what to do. Water, food and shelter are the priorities. You have to stay alive before you can think about anything else.

The difference between 2008 and today is that there are trillions more in fiat currencies floating around the world. The comedy of errors would have us believe that the current debt crisis can be remedied with more debt. This is the downfall of every Ponzi scheme. The inevitable “liquidity” shortage isn’t just a cash flow problem. If real money were in the equation, this would never reach the extent that we see today. No, the big problem is access to more debt. The symptoms we see today are closer to being drug addiction than any financial system defect. Think of it as someone stealing from his grandmother to feed his habit.

This will be an increasingly important question. We are seeing a currency war, whether we realize it, before the fact of the outcome. The Euro has now become an afterthought. I’ve asked, who picks up the pieces? In this case, we have a standoff, at the moment.

You have to start somewhere, and the source is the right place. Prosecuting the corrupt CEOs and CFOs under the RICO statutes, getting convictions that spill this can of worms out on the floor, and above all, recovering restitution before any bankruptcy filings can be allowed, would change the financial landscape.

Bank closures always seem to be a story that doesn’t get much print or TV attention. The popular notion is that a bank’s doors close, and the FDIC comes in and makes it all better. Not true. Somebody eats that loss, and it always comes back to bite the taxpayers. Of course, it takes a “Crisis” to sell the backdoor bailouts to the public.

The Euro is a fine textbook example of how to work the Bait-And-Switch. When the Euro was first introduced, it was rumored to be 15% backed by gold. That was enough to get people on board with it. So much for rumors. It turns out that it’s just another fiat currency. People play the debt game as hard as they can go, but in the end, it’s still just borrowed debt.

QE3 would guarantee a decline in purchasing power. As with previous QE programs, very little actually reaches the consumer level. The operative balance is now unemployment matched to present government benefits. The inevitable slowdown in consumer activity will neutralize any positive influence of easing credit supply. All that will be left is the debt load.

Perfect timing. Harmon Taylor’s free newsletter was on this very subject. there are a lot of reference links in this newsletter.

Legal Reality Newsletter 12/17/ A. D. 2011 – Protected Speech

I’m sure that there will be many more secret meetings, in the future. The risk of a run on deposits could m,ake their meetings, pointless.

All I could picture while reading this was the roll spinning, faster and faster, as the Conehead swallowed the toilet tissue. The trap is sprung. When the ratings agencies downgrade the U. S. , it won’t matter. The Bait-And-Switch will have done it’s job, and the hustlers will be sitting on a beach, with an umbrella drink.

Real money changes the balance of power, everywhere it goes. Fiat currency can’t do that. It is a hit and run bandit, the mechanism of the wealth transfer process. This is how the financial war is being fought.,_Islam,_and_The_Future_of_Money.html

‎5 years ago, one of the radio programs that I worked on divided the $8.5 Trillion in FRNs by the ounces of above ground gold. The figure was $3500/Oz. After the blizzard of paper in the last 3 years, who knows?

It’s out in the open, now. I’ve said for years that we are living in the film, “Rollerball”. Corporate intrusion and conquest is running roughshod over the entire world. This didn’t start recently. A verbatim translation of the Nazi Law on Weapons of 1938 is contained in the Omnibus Crime Control Act of 1968. 40 – some years later, the Hellbound train is still chugging down the track.

Timing is everything. When the currency collapse gets bad enough, they can make a global central bank and a single world currency look good. We know where that comes out.

No, I’ve actually seen commercial space converted into homeless shelters and day centers. All of those unemployed people that don’t figure into the unemployment statistics have to go somewhere.

Inflation statistics are disconcerting because the initial report is always understated. The numbers are always revised negatively, within a few months. If the average of revision over the past few years are applied to these figures, a much better picture of real inflation would appear. just as existing home sales were overstated for 5 years, so too do the inflation figures promote an unjustifiable optimism.

Efforts to convert the Titanic into a submarine are failing. As the financial system goes under, the undertow will take everything too close to it, to the bottom with it. Through the interlocked relationships in international finance, the statement that no nation is immune to the consequences of a Euro collapse, is true. The fallacy is in the belief that global support for Europe will fend off a “Great Depression”. To the contrary, that will only lengthen the time of the depression, and lengthen the time of recovery. The commitment to fiat currencies could make the time of recovery, never.

Banking and diplomacy complete the picture of a dog, chasing it’s tail. As we have seen in both areas, actions are quietly taken long before they are officially announced. It should be no surprised that we see banking gravitate toward a future, yet unformed and un-formalized, central entity. Debt is a black hole, drawing all wealth to the point of no return. The currency collapse will only be the beginning of the formation of that central entity. We should look at the news as an event horizon, evidence of activity that is not directly observable.


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