The Daily Climb-Saturday, Nov. 12th, 2011

Saturday, Nov. 12, 2011 – When thieves steal from each other, it often goes unreported. When the movers and shakers in the news do it, it’s called “the art of the deal”. It’s strange how perception can be twisted. That’s how the Shell Game works. Out of one pocket, into the other. By the time that anyone suspects that they should be looking for what happened to it, the money is gone.

When countries go broke, the banks say, “Gotcha now, sucker!”. Every prostitution racket works that way. The United States can’t laugh. Tens of people in this country are afraid of the same bank pimps.  The debt crisis has been an ongoing process. The currency collapse is planned and executed by highly skilled thieves. Right now, it’s Europe’s turn to feel the bite.  When the foreclosure fraud mess takes the U’ S. Real Estate market down, we will know the depth of deceit in government and financial institution collusion.

In the future, the chart for “mandatory community service” will blow this chart away. Civil unrest brings a military response. The military response brings labor and internment camps.

When we looked in on Paper, Metal, Stuff and Imagination, the outlook wasn’t very rosy.  Let’s see how the world is treating them, now.

With all of the turmoil in the financial world, we really have to ask the right questions and get the right answers.

This is what is coming in America. We get to watch it happen in Europe, first. Bankers and politicians are not our friends.

Democracy is the form easiest to manipulate into despotism. The Federal Reserve is the centerpiece of the Corporate Oligarchy in the United States.

This situation in Italy is a practice run for the rest of Europe. The IMF won’t allow China to walk in and cut itself a piece of the pie. They’re following the Corporatist Way by eliminating competition.

 Debt doesn’t care who the politicians are. The one in office is the one the banks want. When politicians outlive their usefulness, they’re scapegoated and thrown to the wolves. Perhaps his replacement will look so bad that his critics miss him.


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