The Daily Climb- Nov. 4th, 2011

Nov. 4th, 2011  WEEKEND EDITION Most events that happen on the weekend don’t get noticed.  We’ll all do our best to notice. Please bookmark this page for updates. There is no honor among politicians, attorneys and other thieves. Corporatism is predatory, homicidal and amoral. When we see these power struggles, there is no moral high ground. The factions struggling to gain advantage in the corporate structure constantly measure people for commercial application. In That world, human beings are expendable and disposable. We have seen government by threat of assassination for generations.

Goldman Sachs has said a lot of things besides their prayers. Ther best laid plans of thieves and hustlers come to ruin. The die is cast and will come up Snake Eyes. History says that Hell is coming to breakfast.

I smell a rat. This looks like a convenient excuse to dump Treasury notes. Everybody else in the world is dumping Treasuries, why shouldn’t the Fed?

That would be threatening to take their debt home. They only have 98 years of perjury and fraud to pay off. They owe us, not the other way around.

There’s only one problem with this. Ponzi schemes take on a life of their own. Protections are in place to neutralize politicians. Central banks have always collected and maintained dossiers of compromising information that can end political careers. When central banks are confronted with enough force to stop their activities, they play hardball behind the scenes. Politicians wilt like last week’s cut flowers.

These politicians are like little kids, playing house. The Monopoly money isn’t real, and they can’t buy penny candy with it. I don’t expect any of them to step up and do the honorable thing. They deserve to bow out, in disgrace.

Politicians conveniently forget a lot of things. They’re so busy trying to promise the most candy that they forget that the money they want to spend, doesn’t exist. The people discovered that they could vote themselves largess from the public treasury, and it’s been off to the races, ever since

When the actual results don’t match up with the public statements, we have to wonder if there is a plan in place or if everyone involved is still out to get what they wanted, in the first place. There’s a lot of Bait-And-Switch going on.

If it were only paper, it would be stumbling and bumbling. Since the Federal corporation makes everyone suffer with the lie that it is money, It is actually malfeasance and dereliction of duty. They’re just running up the high crimes and misdemeanors tab. When This was a nation of laws,. people would go to prison for this. What we have is government of the corporations, by the attorneys and for the banks. Corporatism is rule by threat of retaliation.

No doubt about that. Pandora’s Box was opened and the debt monster got loose. Now, the central banks have to find a whipping boy to take the punishment for them. When are people going to understand that these debt expansions are going to cost them their incomes and lifestyles? It may be that the world won’t like what it’s hearing, in the very near future.

People who are only able to express themselves in commercial, political and military terms make me uncomfortable, regardless of their associations and affiliations. I find terms and frameworks that make them uncomfortable. There are times when people who should stop and listen when they hear “t is written….” are the first to cast stones.

When Italy was on the front burner, I said that the target was gold reserves. The central banks don’t want the worthless paper. If  anyone hasn’t read it yet, the scenario is described in “The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: POVERTY”

I said a year ago that this debt crisis would be a festering sore. No central bank has the right instruments to lance the boil. This is a fatal flaw in human nature. Fiat currencies are created in deceit and are instruments of fraud. Central banks are guilty of possession of burglary tools.

This circus isn’t done, yet. I don’t see how the Greek government can deal with the civil unrest without playing musical chairs. They’re just sending in clowns until they can find one that does really good balloon animals. To borrow a line from “Blazing Saddles”, Slim Pickens said. “Somebody better go back and get a s**tload of dimes”.

This weekend feels like the calm before the storm. Something has to happen, even if it’s wrong. The Euro bailout plan is no plan, at all. Instead of dealing with the debt disease, they are trying to treat the currency symptoms with imaginary manipulations of things that never existed, to begin with. We’ve seen what happens when the various factions are not on the same page. When they do confer and get their stories in line, it’s just selling a lie to the public. I expect to see the financing for this Euro “solution” to disintegrate.  Governments may be unstable, but the currency has proven to be the least stable components of the financial reality. After repeated failures, Europe seems to be in denial about there being too many cooks in the kitchen. They end up trying to make a souffle from a meatloaf recipe. They can go on trying to herd cats and push a string around town, but they can’t defeat the basic nature of the currency. This is what happens when political value does not translate into intrinsic value. Someone gets told that their “money” is no good.

Every day, we have to choose who we will serve. Doing things that don’t work makes us very tired. Serving masters who enslave us and plot our destruction is an irrational behavior. We must come out of that environment and follow in the steps of the good way.


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