The Daily Climb-Monday, Nov. 7th,2011

Monday Nov. 7th, 2011 –  This week, I’m watching for further developments in the currency collapse. We have seen so many public figures getting their bacs up, over money that doesn’t exist, that it’s more a question of when governments will rise and fall. Italy and Iceland have resurfaced in the news. I just picture people., sitting at card tables, playing Monopoly. That’s what I wrote about in “Land & Wealth vs. Debt & Promises: The End Game”

I‎’ve said repeatedly that the target in these currency collapses was national gold reserves. This is extortion at it’s most blatant and unprincipled worst


I have to wonder what’s going on with these earthquakes, rockin’ the house in Oklahoma. Historically, these are obviously mor than a passing fancy. This recent 4.7 is in a pattern of sizeable events.

Historically, this is what happens in currency devaluations. Whether by inflation or by denial of access to debt (credit), at least one generation is disenfranchised by the commercial structure. It is the generation that follows the “lost” generation that is not so easily fooled, again.

Stories like these are the reason that I wrote “The Four Money Questions”. Given a choice between real money and paper, the target is always real money.

Corporatism never operates on humanitarian standards. It pursues it’s own rules of acquisition, power and influence. It is clearly a different choice of law.

I’ve been saying for years that gold reserves are a target. Central banks deceive people into accepting worthless paper for their real wealth.

The real issue is international control of deposits. People want to know that their money is in a place that doesn’t work against them. Know your financial institution.


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