The Daily Climb-Monday, Nov. 28th, 2011

Monday, Nov. 28th, 2011 –  Yesterday’s news was bad, but today won’t be as good as the mainstream media presents it.  History records the decay spiral of fiat currencies. Both the Euro and the USD are following that pattern. Debt demands to be fed. A diet of more debt is currency cannibalism. At some point, the debt monster is going hunting for real meat. The next news story could be a scream or a whimper.

Yes, now would be a good time to beat the rush. For the United States, 1913 would have been a better time. The Fed is going to drag the U. S. into this mess.


This is where the United States lets one man paint the whole country into a corner. Obama’s mouth will write checks that U. S. taxpayers can’t cover.


Yes, it’s hard to get your mind around a train wreck this big, going that fast. The impact will leave breadlines and soup kitchens that span continents, in it’s wake.


I’ve said for 2 weeks that the real target was national gold reserves. Italy is a sitting pigeon, and Venezuela is bringing theirs home. Batten down the hatches. Looks like we’re in for stormy weather.


There are crooked people involved in printing currency? Now, isn’t that a surprise! I wonder what bribes it will take to keep the global Ponzi scheme going.


The best case scenario that is being presented is that the Fed jumps in to the European bailout. That won’t solve the problem, because it still isn’t money, that they’re talking about. It’s borrowed debt. this is a Fiat Addiction. Fiat currency is the drug that keeps the euphoria in believing the lie, that the currency is money. As I said last week, the real target is national gold reserves. I’m seeing stories about Italy’s 2451 tons of gold. The banks get real things. People get worthless paper.

Fiat Addiction Update 08/09/2011

Some debt is less equal than other debt. There’s another monkey wrench in the gears. Perhaps the news of the past few weeks wasn’t even that good.


Finding out that I was right for the last 30 years is small consolation. The only satisfaction would be in seeing people get away from the cities, while they still can.


Japan never really recovered from the ’90s. It was Japan that showed the United States how to do near-zero interest. This is one of the other shoes, hanging in the air.


It was an obvious theft then, and the thieves are still loose. The next scam is the European bailout. This may dwarf the 2008 bailouts and drag U. S. taxpayers into it. There are a lot of rumors about the Fed getting directly involved. One story quotes Obama as pushing for it.


We must remember how recent history followed the pattern of previous currency collapses. Time is wasting. We need a Crash Course.

I’ve seen a lot of hints that the Fed would jump into this European bailout plan. This is one more push toward the edge.


The good news is that there are fewer “other shoes” hanging in the air. The bad news is that there are still, other shoes hanging in the air. December is going to be a wild month.


This is reminiscent of the summer of 2007. I smell a trap. It wouldn’t be the first time that a narrow focus volume surge drew the unwary into losing their shirts.


I remember the story in December, 2007, about $1.7 Trillion leaving the United States, over a period of 3 weeks. It’s doubtful how much of the $8 Trillion can be accounted for, today. The financial system is leaking like a sieve. We have yet to see what will become of the MF Global and Solyndra scandals. Then, we have to watch for resolution of the foreclosure fraud issue.


‎It does look like the Fed is going to buy foreign debt. It could be hidden behind the scenes in the headlines. Continuing the debt for debt theme, I look for deals involving swaps of U. S. Treasury bonds. Creating an artificial market for debt is what banks do.


I’ve watched this developing for at least 25 years, It started with the appearance. Seeing officers in riding breeches, military haircuts, etc. It has moved on to SWAT teams armed to the teeth, with select-fire weapons.


“Potentially, the RCB has unlimited financial firepower due to it’s ability to print money to get out of debt”. The quote defeats the purpose of money. It also deceives the public about the nature of debt. Debt can not be repaid with more debt. The problem only gets worse.;_ylt=Al21281_5ViUjccLfxCjNoWs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTNscmVnOWpiBG1pdANUb3BTdG9yeSBGUARwa2cDMTRhMTU5YTMtOWU5MS0zNjRmLWE4OTYtODA3NzFhMmQwNTA5BHBvcwMxBHNlYwN0b3Bfc3RvcnkEdmVyAzgzZT


It’s worse than I said it was in “Wage Slave 2012″. The corporate structure seeks to monetize and harvest every atom in creation. That includes everything we are made of.

Wage Slave 2012 Update 10/28/2011

I depend on good news sites like Reality Zone


If this investigation follows his past performance of selective targeting that “Screwy Looie” is remembered for, this will drag out until it’s off the public radar.


I recall that secondary recipients of bailout funds could not be traced. There may be a lot more, secretly unaccounted for.


The ECB won’t go wandering around in the dark, all by it’s lonesome. Europe is waiting for the Fed to ante up. It will look like it comes from the IMF, but the debtor nations will be supplying cannon fodder for the wars of conquest, in repayment.


They haven’t figured out how to bail out countries, without increasing the debt load. Could it be that the banks are conquering nations with a stroke of a pen?


A bailout by any other name still smells like debt. There are bad things shaping up in the collusion among the central banks.


State Sovereignty rests on State Nationality. There are links on the issue in my links list, down the right side of my blog site. If needed, I can post them in a comment, here.


With what the housing market is up against, these figures won’t improve. Until the foreclosure fraud mess unwinds, the banks are going to get skinned in the haircut.


The Farm Wars website is very important. If you want to know what’s really going on with the economy, ask farmers and truckers. Never forget that farmers feed us, three times a day.


Since the story broke yesterday that the Fed would kick in 600B to prop up Italy, I wonder how much U. S. taxpayers are going to get stuck with.


This looks like a perverse game of Tetris. The next block to drop may not fit anywhere. There is no “Continue” option in this game.


The objective of Commerce is always conquest. We are watching the corporate consolidation of the world. The same military supervised slavery is coming to the United States.


This will continue long enough for a patsie to get caught with the hand in the cookie jar. Some lower management type or sales rep will leave a paper trail. The public will have their scapegoat. Where all that money went, is another issue. I hope it comes out better than AIG.


It is very clear that the AAA- nations are establishing a dictatorial position, ahead of the Dec. 9th meeting. They are literally buying up the rest of Europe and turning nations into vassal states. These bonds will have strings tied to them. This plan will enslave Europe. It remains to be seen if the IMF will tolerate being cut out of the loop.


We knew this in 2008. In fact, I wondered in the ’70s how politicians managed to find time to line their own pockets, because they were so busy, lining their friends pockets. Every bailout continues the biggest wealth transfer in the history of the world. 



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