The Daily Climb-Sunday, Nov. 13th, 2011

Sunday, Nov. 13th, 2011 – This should be a week of clearing up misconceptions. In the process, I hope that people dig in their heels and refuse to accept the lies that are presented as fact by the government and the private Federal Reserve bank. It was inevitable that the expertise in producing designer label knock offs would get around to the most valuable things, like real money.

The timeline is now dictated by the debt service schedule. Think of it as a margin call on the GNP of Europe.

The problem is that voters let other bums in. Vote to leave all Federal offices vacant. Change the locks on the doors. Put your representation in your state legislatures. You can keep a closer eye on things and maybe they won’t be so irresponsible as they get in the Beltway.

Not surprising. The insiders keep everything inside. It is government of the corporations, by the attorneys and for the banks. It’s hard work, keeping the Ponzi scheme going. All of the spin doctors and economists in the world can’t put this debt pyramid back together.

The increasing debt load limits options, even as time compresses into crisis, As we have seen, deferring the debt only makes the problem worse. The value of fiat currencies is in perception, not in reality. As an accepted medium of exchange, we were told whatever we wanted to hear, for long enough to gradualize currencies into promise without backing. The foundation of real money removed, the paper house will fall.

When I got the first inkling that my entire working life had been a lie, it changed my life, forever. Since then, I’ve slept outdoors and eaten from places I’d rather not think about, rather than continue in the lie. I can not be complicit in the way of the world. Escaping the confinement of the currency is a great challenge. I understand that I am on a journey.

It isn’t surprising. This is how a train wreck works. Momentum meets stationary, or relatively slower inertia. The compression between the two creates destruction. A complete derailment is to be avoided. Failure to avoid disaster makes the right decision to not be on the debt train, at all.

This is one of my favorite topics. In conflict, we get the most education, studying Human Nature. In this passage, we find the reasons why restoration and reconciliation is the hardest work in the world. To accomplish anything worthwhile, we find ourselves in the middle of battles we didn’t personally start. It’s difficult avoiding anger from all sides.

I will be most interested in reading that repost. I know that the priorities are water, food and shelter, in that order. Independence and anonymity are life nd death issues. I want to see how these factors are addressed.

This is what is coming.

Since markets are so sensitive to perception, these days, it remains to be seen how they react to the shine wearing off new governments in Greece and Italy. The monkey wrench in the machine is the emerging holes in the Euro bailout plan. That could open the still festering debt sore.

It’s gone way beyond anything in Nazi Germany. Technology has opened cans of worms that used to be Science Fiction. Orwell didn’t describe anything like this in “1984″. Even appliances can collect information on private activity.

As Thomas Jefferson said, ” The success of our experiment rest solely upon the ability of men to live according to the Ten Commandments of God.” Humanity hasn’t done such a hot job of obedience.

This letter came from Ghana, right? It reads like my junk mail folder. Considering the prostitution racket that the central banks run with everyone’s labor, this letter looks to be in character with past performance.

That is something that people should pay attention to, this time. A year ago, this past October, the same ratings agency downgraded U. S. sovereign debt. China began dumping U. S. Treasury bonds. This time, the U. S. could find itself in the same sinking boat with Greece and Italy. It’s rough when the world says your “money” is no good.

Congress is certainly against progress. But then, so is U. S. citizenship. Why would any sane individual volunteer to be property of the State? Yet, that is what people do, becoming prostitutes for the Federal pimp.

Everyone is angry about something. The one thing everyone has in common is debt.  The currency itself, is borrowed debt. Because U. S. citizens re required to repay the debt twice, they are two steps behind the curve, and can’t possibly win the debt game.

Any Plan B requires the highest degree of independence possible. Only a position of strength can protect any nation against predation by the central banks. Any weakness in any area of commerce would be used to draw the unwary into debt slavery.

The currency collapse is right on schedule. Greece and Italy have been made examples, brought to their knees as beggars. The rest will fall in line with the World Bank and IMF. All of this posturing over bailout plans is just window dressing. The objective is conquest and subjugation, not economic recovery.

When I see statements from ratings agencies, my first thought ism “They sent in the clowns”. In reality, it’s more serious than that. I see that central banks and ratings agencies work in tandem to bring nations to their knees, as beggars. The national response is the threat of increased regulation. The product is more of the same corruption that created the situation, to begin with.

Without looking at the Fed’s efforts to maintain plausible deniability, we can say that the Fed is the author of misconception, not the target. The biggest misconception is that the Federal Reserve note is money. That is a bald-faced lie. It is a debt instrument, tracing it’s roots to another debt instrument, the U. S. Treasury bond. U. S. citizens have volunteered to repay the debt, at interest, TWICE.


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