The Daily Climb-Monday, Dec. 12th, 2011

Monday, Dec. 12th, 2011 – You can feel and hear the world shifting gears. The move toward pulling back and getting ready for a rough ride is picking up speed. The stories about long term crisis preparedness have always been there. Most of the time, people aren’t that concerned, especially in urban environments. People are so conditioned in dependency that they never think about living with what they consider to be “necessities”. Believe it or not, you won’t die without a car or cable TV. Availability of water, food and shelter may not always be facts of life. I repeatedly ask what people will do if the banks don’t open, the ATMs and cash registers don’t work, and the immediate area becomes unstable. In that circumstance, open exposure to the immediate surroundings may be hazardous to your health and safety.

Years ago, I observed that the best circumstance one can hope for, is that the government does not know that he exists. My thinking was, that since corporations identify people only as property, they are looking for commercial application of human resources. It follows that the best course of action involves acquiring water, food and shelter, without resorting to open commerce. Of course, that may be impractical in some cases, but stepping out into open commerce is foraging in a war zone. 

I’m amazed that economists still pursue the mythical notion of a “global recovery”. They either have their heads in the sand, or they were taught wrong. The global economy is now in a closed loop of producers selling into declining markets. Because of this, Asian economies are in no position to drive any “recovery”. The central banks will eventually seal the hyperinflation spiral with the printing presses. I’m just waiting for the EU and US to be told that their money is no good.

This is getting interesting. Not that I’m all that interested in politics or diplomacy, but it is interesting to watch the Wars of Corporate Conquest. In 1867, they began the Reconstruction of the United States. Now, they’re reconstructing the rest of the world.

Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s “Mini Me”, reminds of the former appliance salesman, turned warlord, in the film, “The Postman”. Let us not forget that as Secretary of Labor, he said:

“Those who work with their hands and make things have no future”.

When he talks about sociopaths and psychopaths, he must know a few. 

Hindsight may be 20/20, but it never keeps the horse in the barn. A little foresight would have helped avoid this mess. A wise man knows the end of all things. We can conclude that there is no wisdom in the decision makers on Wall St. or in Washington, D. C. If there was, they couldn’t claim ignorance of the consequences of their actions.

After wholesaling manufacturing jobs to Third World countries, there can’t be much left to do, for that office. I’m sure it will be equipped with it’s own SWAT team.

It must have looked good to them, on paper. They failed to take into account that collapsing the economy through default and foreclosure fraud is a crime.

The BIS has a vested interest in the printing presses. They don’t care if the paper is toilet tissue, as long as it’s accepted. Currency transfers keep their jobs and incomes going. This is the “butter your own toast” generation.

That’s a good description of Corporatism. We are living in the film, “Rollerball”.  Corporate domination in the film, “Rollerball”..

The pattern of the last 20 years is that, if the news stories over the months point in a direction, that is the way it will go. Iraq, Afganistan, and now the news has been aimed at Syria and Iran. The other shoe has been hanging in the air, for a long time.

Reg T is legalized embezzlement. If it is not lawful for and individual to aid anyone in the commission of a crime, So too does this apply to public officials. According to the Supreme Court decision in Screws vs. United States, the majority opinion stated that public officials are held to a higher standard, being presumed to know the law. This regulation makes public officials accessories before, to and after the fact, in the crime of embezzlement.

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Rumors or not, the banking industry, and investment markets for that matter, run on rumor. Whether grounded in fact or not, news makes the economy. An encouraging lie is just as damaging as a malicious rumor. Big things start with little things, in little places.

Will backsides survive long enough to see an upside? The way it’s going, no one can hold their breath that long. I can’t emphasize it enough. Water, food and shelter are the priorities that matter. Go long on breadlines, soup kitchens, homeless shelters and food pantries. Take physical delivery on everything.

Since the the system depends on the promises of politicians, bureaucrats and bankers, don’t expect too much. The withdrawal symptoms of debt dependency will be greater than the printing presses can cope with. Which will come first, default or double – digit bond yields? “It can’t happen heeere…” Never say never.


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