The Daily Climb-Friday, Nov. 18th, 2011

Friday, Nov. 18th, 2011 – You don’t have to know a whole lot about political systems, anywhere. All you have to do is recognize a thief, when you see one. People seemed to go on with life, after the European disaster, yesterday. They talk like it doesn’t mean anything to them. Well, in the short term, maybe not. After they lose their jobs or can’t get a loan, then they might notice. It’s time I wrote an update on “Wage Slave 2012″. I see a few surprises in the coming year.


At least China had enough sense to refuse to float it’s currency against other currencies. That, and buying up all the gold they can get their hands on, makes sense, The population of China may be on the verge of bankruptcy. I’m sure the powers that be have positioned themselves, very well.

Sure, we are. The only thing deflating is the purchasing power of the USD. Right now, it’s somewhere between wallpaper and toilet tissue. The USD has lost 98% of the purchasing power it had, then. Of course, we had gold and silver coinage in circulation, then.

That’s exactly how I said it works in “The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: POVERTY”

Lincoln was also the first Marxist President of the United States. He and Karl Marx were penpals and mutual admirers. Their correspondence is archived in the Lincoln Library. The legacy he left is the 14th Amendment, making Federal property of everyone. With the stroke of a pen, universal slavery was institutionalized

The financial crisis isn’t done, yet. It will sweep political and entertainment news off the radar. This is real nuts and bolts news.

The livestock are being harvested. This whole week has been a margin call on fiat currencies. The squeeze is on.

Corporatism marches on This war is being fought with strokes of government pens.

The fatal flaw in any form of Real Estate holdings is taxation. Millions of people lost their land, farms and homes to the tax collector. Those vultures in government will get their pound of flesh. Another serious consideration is the power struggles that follow currency collapse. The Great Depression was followed by WW II. The bigger the financial crisis, the bigger the war. the bigger the war.

So, Goldman Sachs wants to be thrown in the inflation brier patch. This is what keeps their swindle going. Inflate the currency and then collapse the economy. What a deal!

Whether it was a “hit” or not, history will decide. The evidence is that it was a straight “take the money and run” swindle. The level of deceit certainly says that it couldn’t have been done without regulatory help. We can be certain that no one is guarding the guards,

There is an economic war being fought. Most people don’t notice. This war doesn’t look like an action/adventure movie. It’s not a combat video game. There is no reset button. History is repeating itself. The wealth transfer is following the same old pattern because it consistently works. Nations enslaved by debt are managed to the maximum benefit of their masters.

There are many events taking place that are telling us that class is in session. We are being tested on the lessons of history. The content of “Crash Course” speaks specifically to these current events.

When pipeline companies go into a boom cycle, they have to get things built, yesterday. That means a lot of up-front cash. Whether or not economic conditions produce enough demand to justify the risk, is another matter. There are more riches to rags stories in the pipeline industry, than the other way around.

As I’ve heard for years, the curve is threatening to go vertical. The road to hyperinflation is paved with paper.

Yes, don’t click on US. It can’t happen here ……” and the rest of that happy horse hockey. Since the currency itself is borrowed debt, before consumers get there hands on it, people really don’t have a pot or a window. Look out, below.

You can’t stucco over this financial mess with more paper mache debt. The currency bubble is going to burst. Those deepest into the debt game will be swallowed up first, taking their financial constituencies with them.

Unfortunately, fiat currency puts the financial immune system to sleep. Economic cancer is spreading unimpeded, without opposition. Will we have to wait for the currencies to go to zero, before the immune system wakes up and gets to work?

There was a time when prosecution was as inevitable as death and taxes. We will watch with great interest, what happens with MF Global and Jon Corzine. People think they get away with thievery. Nobody lives forever.

The split was always there. All it took was stress to bring it bubbling to the surface. The factions in the dispute don’t believe they break the rules. By unspoken agreement, rules are just window dressing and don’t apply to them. They are finding out that the Piper gets paid.

     Now is the time, and today is a day that will decide the future of millions of people. We have to know what we are seeing and take real legal action to protect ourselves. To this point in time, people have been oblivious to the ways that they are threatened. Forget the news reports about places being blown up. Thieves are ransacking the country by the stroke of a pen. That is what happens when people depend on government to rob their neighbors, for their gain.


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