The Daily Climb- Friday, Dec. 2nd, 2011

Friday, Dec. 2nd, 2011 – This week, so many details about previous bailouts are coming to light. It could be that the news is supposed to ease the shock of the enormity of the recent global central bank intervention. Whatever the numbers are, it;s only paper. That’s the cause of the problem, to begin with. Pursuing this fake money game is choosing destruction. The central banks don’t care. They’re destroying populations, not themselves. Little do they know, but their actions will be their own undoing.

If someone is convicted of insider trading, it just means that they weren’t really an insider. The insiders at the Ponzi scheme will continue fixing it, until it stays broken.

Once this course of action was set in motion, it took on a life of it’s own. It demands to be fed. Debt feeds on wealth. Eventually, the increasing debt will feed until there is nothing left.

Infusing more debt doesn’t deleverage anything. All that is accomplished is that the illusion of money is maintained. Compared to admitting that their “money” is no good, the explosion in liquidity looks like a good deal, from the central banks’ perspective.

With the recent announcement of a paper blizzard among the central banks, these numbers could increase exponentially, in the coming months. If we see that happen, inflation will be a runaway train wreck. So far, they’ve kept all of this borrowed debt, in – house. Eventually, the end result is that they’re subsidizing bad monetary policy.


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