The Daily Climb-Friday, Dec. 16th, 2011

Friday, Dec. 16th, 2011 – As we head into the end of the week, no news isn’t any better than the bad news, last week. One question has gone unanswered for weeks. Speculation and suspicion are constants in the financial news. The question is, who do the ratings agencies work for, and what is to be gained by targeting nations, one by one, for downgrades. Since they eventually get around to everyone, it would appear that they work for the World Bank, IMF, ECB or all of the above. In the middle of all this, the UK, France and Germany are consistent with European history. Staunch allies before breakfast become bitter enemies, before sunset. It seems that the ratings agencies are pitting the political polarities against each other and taking sides in the battle. In the course of a week, they obviously change sides. It would appear that the only common thread in the process is that it is an effort to eradicate national identities. This will prove true if the dominate factors in Europe become empty shells of what they once were. That thought appears to me to be the primary demise of the Euro. Without the common currency, it becomes a mad scramble to maintain position. We see a demonstration of favoritism that alternates on all sides of the balance of power. In Corporatism, some are more privileged than others. The interesting thing is that the same factions don’t stay privileged, all the time.  It would appear that there is great and growing incentive for the demise of the  Euro. Curiosity demands an answer as to who will pick up the pieces.


The currency itself is borrowed debt. Endemic, systemic or spastic, it doesn’t matter. The economy starts out behind the debt curve. When a monetary system doesn’t have enough real money to stay out of the fraudulent paper, the debt spiral takes it to it’s inevitable crash.


That is the pattern of 2008. Very little of the bailouts reached the street level of the economy. The banks shifted “liquidity’ from one pocket, to the other. It’s the old Shell Game.


I’ve been around this block, more than a few times. My viewpoint may be a little different, because I’ve found the history to be very different than what I was taught. There has never been a Capitalist system that was not Statist. There has never been a Socialist system that was not Statist. That being said, it should understood that there has never been a pure form of either, according to the Ivory Tower think tank principle which they claim as objectives and conduct. The historical evidence is that both fit nicely into Corporatism. It is when central control departs from Natural Law that both become genocidal and imperialistic in their ambitions. I like vmy personal quote on the subject.

“Government, being a magnifier ofr human nature is, in it’s best state, a sleeping murderer.”
– Georgesblog, 2003


It doesn’t matter what U. S. citizens want. They are Federal property. Obama is the president because, for the moment, he’s the one the banks want. More importantly, he will follow instructions in the consolidation of world banking. That is, if he wants to continue as president. He is not unique. Central banks have been bringing people to power or knocking them down, for centuries.


I was keeping that IMF history in mind when I wrote “War Under Heaven: The World At Commerce”. The objective of commerce is always conquest. Throughout history we see this process played out.


We must never forget that politicians and attorneys, and the banks that they work for, are masters of the Bait-And-Switch. Changing the meaning of words and text is as natural as breathing, for them. This is one of the enabling acts that made Hitler a dictator and mass murderer.


They would do better to acknowledge the metabolic inhibiting characteristics of artificial sweeteners and flavor enhancers. Metabolic suppression is just one of the side effects of these excitotoxins

They would do better to acknowledge the metabolic inhibiting characteristics of artificial sweeteners and flavor enhancers. Metabolic suppression is just one of the side effects of these excitotoxins


More chaos in the markets. There’s an understatement. We’ll see chaos with investors hands tied behind their backs. i looked for the consequences of the collapse of the Euro and the resulting chaos. A cascade failure in financials is on the table, every minute of every day.

BlackListedNews Radio is on the air. Current topic, the OKC bombing.


Hide the gold. Hide the good silverware. Keep your daughter out of sight. Put your wallet in your inside coat pocket. Whatever you do, don’t sign anything. You could be the indicted scapegoat for Jon Corzine.


It’s more of the anti – human, U. N. Agenda 21 compliant, culling of the herd.


Gold stocks and gold futures contracts are not real gold. They are paper. MF Global made that abundantly clear. I just wrote an update on “The Four Money Questions”


Answers to “The Four Money Questions” will be front and center, this week.  So many defects are obvious in the conflict and nature of fiat currency. It’s more than politics. actions are followed by consequence, much more quickly, now. Finding the answers to the four money questions has to be done, before everyone is late for the party. Being late is being last in line at the homeless shelter.

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