The Daily Climb-Friday, Dec. 9th, 2011

Friday, Dec. 9th, 2011 – Today, my question is: “What’s next?”. There’s a strange brew cooking, in the fiat currency cauldron. To this point, the standard of viability has been measured in what they call liquidity. I call it what it really is, access to debt.I can see it now. A creditor comes around for his payment. You paid the last installment by getting a loan. This time, you just don’t have the “money”. You didn’t tell the creditor that you had to borrow to make the last payment. So, what do you say when the creditor asks, “Well, can you borrow the money from somebody?”  The well has run dry.

The tyranny of ignorance is supported by the depth and reach of the lie that is fiat currency and it’s process of fractional banking. It creates a mentality that accepts that the financial system is morally and contractually committed to support for this system of false weights and measures. That belief assumes that the system will never fail. The entire history of Economics says that the system will fail.

The contents in official statements are always deceptive by omission. These statements that everything was open and complete are perjury. Of course, we know that changing the meaning of words to fit the current situation is standard procedure for a liar.

Those loan guarantees would be an awfully thin tightrope to walk out on. I see a growing aversion to bailouts. Your scenario looks more like volunteering to be a scapegoat.

This is why I wrote “Fiat Addiction”. Fiat currency exhibits the same pattern as drug addiction. 

There is historical precedent of people targeted for preparedness. I’ve read accounts of people in Germany, toward the end of WW II, dragged from their homes and shot, for hoarding food. Developments in the modern day seem to point toward targeting prepared people.

Over the past 4 years or so, there have been periods of time when no bulk containers of long term storage food were available from Mountain House, because FEMA was buying up their production.

After the example set by MF Global, we shouldn’t have to be reminded that there is no substitute for having the metal in your physical possession.

For at least the past 60 years, many instances of legislation have been passed and signed into law, codifying ang legalizing what government was doing, illegally. In Corporatism, the end of that process is dehumanization and genocide. Government waits for the right tyrant to come along.

“Government, being a magnifier of human nature is, in it’s best state, a sleeping murderer.”

– Georgesblog , 2003

In a process that began in 1860, initiated by act of war and subsequent conquest, the words “representation” and “management” became interchangeable. The standing of property for U. S. citizens was codified with the 14th Amendment. The practical meaning of that action is that “representatives” are proxies, designated to be overseers on the Federal Debt Plantation. Only the Federal corporation, it’s agents and designees, can legally own slaves. U. S. citizens are imported statutory persons, legal trusts, and aliens in the states that they legally reside in. U. S. citizens are not Americans. Their connection to the land is severed when they enter into agreement by opening a bank account, signing documents claiming U. S. citizenship, etc. All people born in the United States jurisdiction are presumed to be U. S. citizens, by Supreme Court decision, in 1873.

More form without substance. This is the offspring of fiat currency.

If you see a horse walking backwards toward you, and it speaks, those aren’t words bouncing on the ground. Whatever you do, don’t take them as pearls of wisdom. Those things are nuggets, but not gold.

The proper term would be “fast fiat currency”. If it were gold and silver coin, Warren Buffett probably wouldn’t be so generous. Since the currency is not money, he is providing borrowed debt. Back when this was a nation of laws, that was called Felony Fraud.

They must have stuck their heads in the commode, thinking it was a sandbox. The fabrications and plausible deniability are like kicking over a kerosene lantern, and saying the cow did it. In the process, the Golden Goose gets cooked.

It all depends on personal bias. If someone is playing the debt game as hard as they can go, they are at the mercy of the ratings agencies. The simple fact that they can move borrowing costs changes the playing field. That it their form of veto power. We know that corporations, including private central banks, respect no national boundaries or sovereignty. I would hope that everyone understands that, so they don’t get fooled, again.

What else can you do, when the proposed solutions come up short, over and over again? It looks like the only choices being made are to either manipulate the markets, or start a new war. The results of either are questionable.

Oops! Looks like somebody landed on Boardwalk and Park Place, in the same turn, again. Now, let’s see if they roll their third double in a row, and go straight to jail.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot to dislike in the world. I write about it. I suppose that would be guilt by association. The world is becoming so polarized that you can’t get a word in edgewise, without offending someone. That being said, we should only offend those who deserve it.

Apparently, no one wants a role in the Euro, badly enough to pay for it. Certainly, no one wants to give up their national identity for it. Nothing has changed since the introduction of the Euro. The easy money has run out, and the free lunch tab won’t be picked up.

Money talks and everything else walks. That’s why you see talk of national gold reserves pop up in this continuing saga. Italy wouldn’t give up their holdings. I’m sure that the UK would rather not do that, either. Everybody wants to talk in terms of the fake Monopoly money. The Euro has run out of hype and the game has degenerated into a political wrestling match.

This is looking like a pickup sandlot game. One kid gets mad because he doesn’t like the rules, takes his bat and ball, and goes home. Another doesn’t want to give up the change in his pocket to buy soda pop. Others leave because they were ruled out. the game ends for lack of players. in this, any possibility could open events that would run their course. The red flag at the top of my list would be the possibility of these bonds being leveraged into oblivion in subsequent trading. China would not appreciate an MF Global crisis dropped in their laps. Wars have started for less than that. Pearl Harbor would look like a local turkey shoot. Everything will be decided when China decides to get on the brakes. Perhaps they will see room to squeeze out a better deal. From the European point of view, the Yuan might be their best chance for a step sideways that limits their losses. I see this as a no confidence vote against the USD. 


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