The Daily Climb-Friday, Nov. 25th, 2011

Friday, Nov. 25th, 2011 – Now that I’ve revived from my Thanksgiving nap, I have questions. How many people will lose their jobs between now and the end of the year? How many families with children will be living in homeless shelters? Now that I think of it, living in tents might be good practice for the OWS protesters. They may have to get used to it. What will this Black Friday bring? I see no reason why it should be different than recent years. The media hype is there. The sales prices are there. The payment terms are there. The money just is not there. People have reached the end of the debt string. Something has to give, and the economy doesn’t have any slack for it

Printing currency to cover debt is just wrong. Germany knows that. When a wheelbarrow filled with currency won’t buy you a day’s food, you learn your lesson, the hard way. Lessons learned the hard way, stay learned.

That’s the way it comes out on the street. We can see it in the way the Occupy movement has been co – opted, calling for demands of more and bigger government services.

The bottom line never changes. Whatever the fuel is, how much work can you get out of it? If thermal efficiency had been pursued with that intensity that raw power was coveted, the world would be a very different place.

The Fed has only delayed the day of judgment with massive infusions of borrowed debt. It’s the same fiat currency system, the difference being that the U. S. still buys into the lie. Europe is just beginning to admit reality.

Congress has been sucking funds out of the Social Security trust fund for 4 decades. The U’ S. Treasury doesn’t have anything but the bonds that it prints. The fraud is coming undone. The Federal Reserve has pumped us full of borrowed debt.

That leaves a whole year to work the Bait-And-Switch. The bondholders are still going to eat these losses. Any compensation that they get, between now and then, they should take and go, not looking back.

That sums it up. Two men enter, one man leaves. On the way over, buy a chainsaw at Home Depot. Put some gas in it, this time.

This is one of my favorite analogies. We must remember that the grasshopper had no food in winter, when there was no food available, at any price. That is harsh cost analysis. The lesson is clear. In a crisis, the supermarket shelves can be empty in 4 days. No food, at any price.

While everybody is searching the furniture cushions for enough to pay for this, they’re all showing empty pockets. This can’t continue, much longer.

Either Newt didn’t get the memo, or he’s an anti-American Global Socialist, like Jimmy Carter.

This is something that I come back to. We watch the news every day, and it’s bad, without any natural disasters. Things could be lot worse

In the end, there is nowhere to run to. Might as well go home. The currency collapse will run across all fiat currencies. That is why we see stories distancing banks and governments from exposure to the toxic debt.

Taking into account the natural spread of error over time, the Fed should just take up darts. These forecasts take on the reputation of touts at the horse track. The Fed reports should be published in The Daily Racing Form.

This is an illustration of what happens during a bank holiday. When the banks didn’t open in 1929, the riots were very violent.

From it’s beginning, the Occupy movement was a good thing to stay away from. It’s a hodgepodge of factions, struggling to gain advantage in the corporate structure. It’s an outlet for people to riot to excess. There has never been a coherent statement out of this mess. It’s an example of why I say we are reliving the 1920s.

The handwriting is on the wall. The United States is weighed in the balance, and comes up short

You have a point, only if you can avoid being robbed, shot, beaten, trampled or pepper sprayed. The news on Black Friday is horrendous. I asked the question, what will people do on the first day that the banks don’t open, the ATMs  and the cash registers don’t work. Ut will be Devil take the hindmost.

Stories like this are popping up, all over the country. When shopping turns to combat, it’s a good time to stay home.

The big picture is worse than that. U. S. citizens depend on government to rob their neighbors for their gain. They call their participation their “civic duty”. They a very quick to applaud the “other guy” paying his fair share, while millions of people cheat at every turn. They call that, “working the system”.

Newt Gingrich is as Corporatist as they come. His statement makes it very clear that he is comfortable with forced labor and internment camps. Even considering the possibility of such legislation is anathema to all things American. The preferred business model of the central banks has always been slavery. They depend on shills and poltroons like Gingrich to run it for them.

We are a captive audience. We just have to hope that the Federal Reserve doesn’t buy us a ticket on the European train wreck. Even so, the warning is clear for us. If 50 million people have to be told that the food stamps are not in the mail, it could be very unpleasant.

Everyone should see this. If people knew what government was supposed to be, how it’s supposed to work, and what their role is supposed to be, things would be a lot different.

About the money …..

The debtor is servant to the lender. That’s just the way it is.

The stories this morning are more of what I expected. Europe is finding that the check is not in the mail.


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