The Daily Climb-Nov. 3rd, 2011

Nov. 3rd, 2011 – Yesterday, I wrote about the “if nothing else happens” rule. That’s the problem. Over the last five generations, “something else”, did happen. This morning, The Economic Collapse blog digs into one of my favorite questions: ” How could this happen?”.  One reason for the decline of the United States is that War and Commerce are not accurate measures of the worth of a society, a generation or ant social movement. The point of deception and pointing the finger of blame can be disputed until the end. The bottom line is and always will be, that people believed a lie, millions of innocent people died, and the privileged few ran off with their ill-gotten gains. 

Zero Hedge takes a look at market uncertainty, this morning. For me, it’s an interesting study in human nature. The fine balance between the promise of reward and the risk of loss is the perfect stage to display the inner workings of “The Four Money Questions”.

 While reading the Zero Hedge article,  I was thinking that the wages of debt is poverty. Obviously, the outcome is sudden.

Zero Hedge continues with an article following the response of the gold price to thr Euro debt crisis.  It always comes back to gold bringing paper into judgement. If I were a sane person, holding tral money because it’s the right thing to do, I would demand double spot price from any prospective buyer. That is just the independence of real money. It has nothing to do with speculation. Gold judges paper to be worthless.

Zero Hedge continues with coverage of the Greek bailout situation. It appears to me that the power hungry p[eople are indecisive about the best way to fleece the population. It looks like a p[hysician waiting for the patient to diagnose himself and prescribe his own treatment. The result has to be a comedy of errors, and we have been there, before.

From the Evil of indifference blog comes the story of conflicting interests in the Eurozone.  It’s easy to forget that financial interests very often oppose political interests. All we can be sure of is that it will come out the way the banks want it. That’s how it works in the United States, right? 

The Thinker blog has this very good series running about ther inner workings of the drug cartels. I haven’t directly researched that type of activity, but I do know that history teaches that these things don’t grow and thrive without official involvement and encouragement. I’ve been reading this series with interest because of the detail and timeline. 

BlackListedNews has an article that shows how the system works.  don’t know how many ways there are to say it. The simplest way has always been the best. Politicians don’t work for the voters. They work for the banks and corporations that own the voters.

In social terms, people have short memories and selective amnesia. There aren’t enough people around that remember how things really happened in the 1920s and 1960s.  The “Occupy” spectacle lost credibility because of enthusiastic mainstream media support.  Assaulting useful idiots can’t be faked, so they have to use real tear gas and rubber bullets. There is a lot being written about the “Occupy” movement that I don’t buy into. 

The Circle blog asks the right questions. This is the right question. History has the right answers. country-nation-or-corporation 


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