Monday, Dec. 19th, 3011 – If this week is anything like last week, We will see a step sideways. The ratings agencies will downgrade a country or a bank, the markets and currencies will respond in either panic or relief. I just don’t see that history stays static and predictable. The meaning for the media will be the passing of leadership in North Korea. Celebrities and leaders always seem  to hold the public’s attention, while something is being stolen. The U. S. is moving more toward resembling one big internment camp, with each passing day. A very negative precedent is being set. Detaining suspects without a crime is apparently acceptable practice, after the passage of the NDAA. The atmosphere of suspicion now feeds on itself. Reality and due process are not factors in the new police state. We are reliving the 1930s. Restraint on government is now disconnected. The heat of the moment has replaced the sober consideration of the facts and standards of justice defined when we still had a Constitution.  This is the subjugation that Corporatism establishes in it’s amoral and predatory nature. For 150 years, the world has been led to the brink of darkness. It is obvious that the decision makers have embraced that darkness. I hope that they find their conscience before they take another step.

I’ve been getting Martin’s newsletter for years. reading it is as easy as breathing.

Now, this is an interesting video.

Hi guys! I found you while tag surfing. the world is flat broke. I’m reading blogs that are saying that the politicians are going to come up with bright ideas and fix everything. I tell them the same thing I tell everybody else. Water, Food and Shelter. Start with those. Everything else, commerce is a war zone. See you non the radio.

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This is the consequence of casting our burdens on future generations. The people here and now, are that generation.

It doesn’t matter who the president is. It just happens that this guy is the one the banks want, at the moment., As far as blame goes, the horse left the barn in 1913, with passage of the Federal Reserve Act. They couldn’t even stay within the limits of that. Fiat currency has made this a lawless society.

The crash began in 2007. At the time, I wrote that the bailout plans would not work because there was no money in them., There still isn’t. Fiat currencies are borrowed debt. The bailouts only increase the debt load. They create a bigger problem, later.

The crisis in in Trillions, not Billions. Regardless, an ever increasing debt load is one step ahead of the funding. That’s how the wealth transfer works.Borrowers start out behind on the debt curve, and never catch up. The USD will be next.

Be prepared to move quickly and travel light. In a crisis, plans don’t always turn out to be good plans. Move it, or lose it.

Now, there’s a refreshing brush with reality. Since the economy is so dependent on consumer confidence and spending, t5his is the time of year that they should admit that they’re really pushing holiday shopping numbers, Don’t wait for the sales. Shove your way through the crowds at China Mart and pay top dollar for stuff you could get cheap after the rush. Monetary policy is inside out and backwards.

BlackListedNews Radio is on the air

I enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing “Land & Wealth vs. Debt & Promises: The End Game” A little vindication is nice.

The timeline of a real currency collapse gives us a frame of reference to measure what we see, today. As my readers have told me for years, it’s worse than I say it is.

I’ve known for decades, if I want to know what’s really going on in the world, talk with truck drivers and farmers. They live and work in the real world.

I just had to stop by and read this. I was sure from the title that it had to be pulling my leg, clean off. If it ever really does get to those headlines, the Pelosi will have already hit the fan.

All it takes to inflate a bubble is the currency available to get it done. It all traces back to the fiat currency. As one of my friends, John Jennings said, “The problem is that we have fake people, living in a fake country, using fake money, and subject to fake laws”. That pretty much covers it.

Yes, civil liberties are being abrogated, circumvented or otherwise being set aside. That is the legal meaning of the term, “statute”. This is in the form of the Enabling Laws, that made Hitler a dictator, giving him absolute and arbitrary power. The passages about “discretion” are most disturbing. they open the door for hit lists, political enemies lists, dissidents lists, and the lack of criteria in the selection process is disturbing.

Markets, advertising and marketing people and the public are like little children. Daddy and Mommy say “No”. The child hears “Maybe”. thinking that the rounds of being cute, saying the right things and as a last resort, throwing a tantrum, will change “Maybe” to “Yes, ok. But this is the last time. Don’t ask for anything more, or you’re not coming with us to the store”,

In the case of a business that’s floating in denial, no should mean no. Thr denial of economic facts can be the investor’s loss.

It’s more sinister than that. Poverty is a weapon, used in the war zone of commerce. It is directed and aimed by central banks and the corporate structure that does their bidding. Poverty is no accident. I wrote about the process in “The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: POVERTY”

“The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction: POVERTY”                                           

I’ve written about poverty as a weapon, in many of my posts. The banks are in the wealth transfer business. they get real things. Populations get worthless paper. The preferred business model of the central banks has always been slavery. People think that this debt game is freedom and opportunity. The most effective form of slavery is that in which the slaves believe they are free..

The first and most basic step is to return to real money in circulation. This fiat currency system is one of unjust weights and measures. That definitely flies in the face of Western thought. It bis clearly condemned, an abomination. Second, pledging a man as security for debt is another abomination. Our entire economic system is based on exactly that practice. The Bible says that he who does this, shall surely die. Our society is dying. We know what the cure is. We can open The Book, and read it. Then, we should go forth, and do what it says.

We hear over and over again that the United States is becoming a Third World country. That means that class is in session. There will be a test.

This is reality. At this moment, there are 10 million people in the United States that are one month’s expenses away from being out in the street. Over the past thirty years, I’ve been out there, 7 times. We didn’t create this mess, but we have to cope with it. Life goes on. In any situation, we will do something. The question is, will we do things that build independence? The current system of indenture servitude in Federal corporate citizenship was a wrong turn in history.

“If we allow private banks to control the issuance of currency, they and the corporations that shall spring up around them, shall deprive the people of all liberty and property. they shall wake up, HOMELESS on the land that their fathers settled.”  (Emphasis mine)

– Thomas Jefferson

I can never forget the faces and the stories from the past 30 years. People who live in the real world, displaced and disenfranchised from this paper currency illusion, have only what they immediately experience and survive to define life.

This is the dependency created by the debt based currency. The concept of the free lunch didn’t begin, recently. We are the generation that the debt for the easy life was passed on to. 40 years ago, people believed the Utopian fallacy that future generations would be prosperous enough to pay for it all. That illusion is fog, dissipating on the winds of change.

Where do people go, and what are they supposed to do? People live today, dealing with a deck stacked against them, before they were born. In a crisis, the people around us are all we have.

The missing piece of the puzzle is a safe area, safe from municipal harassment. Too often, displaced and disenfranchised people are preyed upon by police and the court system, saddled with fines they can’t pay, forced into the indentured servitude of community service. That is institutionalized slavery.

This is what the world is coming to. The days are coming when we won’t know anyone, who knows anyone, that has a traditional job, with benefits and pension. The reason? That structure builds the debt load out of control. For the past 30 years, I’ve seen people who thought their retirement was secure, and wasn’t.

British officials may attend the meeting, but it will be cotentious. There are too many deal breakers in the present form of the agreement. Push will come to shove.

That separation is a step in the right direction. As we have seen in both the U. S. and in Europe, violating that boundary invites corruption. Unless these areas of commercial activity are separated, there can be no protection for national economies. Right now, every nation is being pillaged by multi – national investment banks, and they still want more access to the public treasury. This is the mechanism that has taken apart the Euro and will proceed on to the USD.

I have always picked up change, found in the street. A penny may only be a penny, but 100 of them make a dollar. Now, if that was a real silver dollar, that would be better than the paper funny money, but people still like it and give real things for it.

As we have seen in Europe, “deleveraging” means “austerity”. This starts the vicious circle spinning. Lost jobs, incomes and tax revenues further tighten the credit supply and tie up a greater percentage of GNP in debt service. I have long maintained that an accurate measure of economic strength must subtract debt load and balance of trade from GNP. If someone already produces those figures, they would be a great help in evaluating the remedies to the debt crisis.

It is interesting that this figure doesn’t always follow with future results. Perception gets blown around with every rumor. I find stories of unsold homes being bulldozed to keep the inventory down, most disturbing. They make new housing starts look like busywork. It is certainly not the mark of any viable industry.

The common thread through all of the possibilities is that investment markets litter the road in front of them with paper trash, debt. It doesn’t take much to set off a wildfire of inflation and currency collapse. Perhaps the Fed needs a mascot, like Smokey the Bear. But then, they wouldn’t take the advice. “Only you can prevent Ponzi schemes.”

Corporatism monetizes and harvests people. First, they are dehumanized and reclassified as human resources. Like it or not, the Federal corporation can do as it wants with it’s property. U. S. citizens are legal trusts, not living, flesh and blood beings. They are property of the corporation. The legal definition of the term, “constituent” makes that very clear.

Phew! That is an aspect of the European debt crisis that I never thought of. With the sovereign debt issues, I never considered the squeeze that would be put on mortgage availability. The credit crunch could be only the tip of the iceberg. By the “birds of a feather” guilt by association rule, I have to wonder if Europe will have the same level of foreclosure fraud that we have in the U. S. If so, all hands on deck, man the lifeboats.

It is the lack of integrity in the market that allowed MF Global to take the money and run, that has killed gold stocks. Investor trust has been broken. As long as the regulations allow comingling of investor funds, the market itself is complicit in fraud. Men can agree to anything and call it good, but judgment is inescapable. Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not go unpunished. There is a higher court than any institution of man.

Perhaps California should consider joining the EU, and get in on some of that largess from the Fed. While the legislature wrestles with this pension problem, it may come out that the “reforms” pit the state against the unions. It couldn’t happen to more deserving people.

Currency by the bale from Helicopter Ben will only accelerate the problem and create a larger debt load. But then, central banks are in the wealth transfer business. They persuade people and nations to sell their birthright for worthless paper. The can kicked down the road just gets bigger with each kick. We should be talking about increases in debt density when we read these announcements. This time, the can is a 55 Gal. drum, filled with concrete.

The technical details will always set nations against each other, in the Euro deal. Let us not forget the bigger problems that have followed attempts to bail out fiat currencies, in the past 3 years. Kicking the can down the road means that moving in the same direction encounters a bigger can. At this point, the can is now a 55 Gal. drum, filled with concrete. With the story about the Fed kicking in over $1 Trillion, that drum might end up filled with lead. This situation is the definition of a snare. It is impossible to escape, with all of the weight hanging by an ankle.

Legal Reality Newsletter 12/17/ A. D. 2011 – Protected Speech 


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