The Daily Climb-Sunday, Dec. 11th, 2011

Sunday, Dec. 11th, 2011 – Jobs, jobs, jobs. With a collapse in currency availability looming, a marketplace that purportedly depends on consumer confidence, the only real discussion is about jobs. Forget “liquidity” and “credit”. No jobs, no income, it’s just that simple. Perhaps I should rephrase that. I’m sure that the central banks will eventually print their brains out. They have no choice. Bailing out the “boat” hasn’t worked. They will either have to print to keep going, or figure out a way to make a boat out of the bucket they’ve been bailing with.

The financial news will be wild this week. With governments and banks rushing to save their own hides, the collapse of the Euro will be a compelling made-for-TV drama. If that hints that currency collapses are planned and executed, it should draw attention to the fact that they are deliberate. We have been watching record-breaking wealth transfers, all along. The only satisfied people are the con artists in the banking industry. They’re not really happy, because they haven’t stolen it all, yet.

Inspiration and leadership only carries just so far. the difference in this game was that Matt Prater outscored Robbie Gould, 7 – 4. Getting in position to put points on the board is important. It would still be wasted without the leg to kick a 59 Yd. FG. The lesson for the U. S. economy is that no one pays for unfinished business.

Innovation is nice. It keeps an economy vibrant. However, there are other categories to consider. Innovation doesn’t get to the marketplace without production. The regulatory hindrances to production stifle the delivery of innovation. Until that changes, the best of innovation has no sure access to markets. A growing hurdle is access to investment capital. The speculation environment contributes to the uncertainty of commercial viability. The vicious circles go around and around.

Some facts of life just jump up and bite people, when they get going good. No production economy can prosper by selling into declining markets. As the debt crisis in Europe spreads, the global economy declines. China has ridden the wave of export income. The wave is about to crash on the beach. They’ll have to figure out how many burgers somebody has to flip, to buy housing. Unless they can find an alternative, don’t ask the U. S. We still don’t have an answer for that one.

The fact remains that the chasm between revenue and debt service demand is widening. This leaves less available for future expansion of employment and production. At the very least, none of the FOMC goals are attainable. At worst, something has to snap.

Nothing can feel “right”. When the foundation is defective, the house will settle, or worse. If the ground turns into a mudslide, the house can be turned into kindling. The foundation of the markets is the fiat currencies, and the relationships among them. Today’s markets are built on shifting sands and imaginary framework.

Did they just figure this out? News stories for weeks have been filled with statements the the debt is a pit deep enough to swallow anything that falls into it.

I’ve seen the murals and symbols at DIA, with my own eyes. These videos on this page are what I have seen.

There are many suppressed studies and clinical trials that link artificial sweeteners and flavor enhancers to autoimmune dysfunction. One of the best books on the subject is “Exitotoxins: The Taste That Kills” by Dr. Russell Blaylock.

The banking scam runs all the way through the history of Corporatism. It takes some strange twists. Intertwined with the rumors and evidence of secret societies is a web of occult associations and participation. Throw into the mix the League of Nations, the United Nations, and a host of NGOs, and you have a bubbling cauldron of abominations.

Nazi Occult Secrets

There is a financial Law of Gravity. All fiat currencies go to zero. The average service term for fake paper money is about 40 years. It takes that long for ignorant and deceived people to die off. The generation that follows is born into reality and has not known artificial affluence. They really do know the value and legal definition of a “Dollar”.

The nature of financial markets will not allow any single fiat currency to exist in a political vacuum. As confidence and trust change, all currencies are forced into a new equilibrium. The problem is that they all began as legal fictions, and will return to nothing.

This week, I expect to see this situation change by the minute. At some point, we will see a paraphrase from the bar scene in the film, “Goodfellas”. If anyone doesn’t remember the poor sucker who thought he hit the daily number, he was told “We don’t pay off to mooks”. This promptly escalated into a bar fight. I don’t think a beat cop is going to walk in and break this one up.

This link is a keeper. I’ll make sure it gets posted in “The Daily Climb” when it updates.

It’s more like speculation intensifying in 6 or 7 hours. Monday is coming a lot sooner to Europe, than the U. S. We have become accustomed to all Hell breaking loose, when the European markets open. Sometimes, the Asian markets give us some advance warning. Whatever happens, Mondays have not been good news, for a long time.

I have long said that the Privileged Few all go to the same parties, drink booze out of the same bottles, and ride around in the same golf carts. I doubt that very many of them are going hunting with Dick Cheney, anytime soon.

We can be assured that sound financial practices will not support the present economic lunacy. The doctor is in, and George Carlin was right. The world is all diseased.

Unemployment statistics are becoming non-statistics. I’ve known many people over the years who went for long periods of time, without being employed or filing a claim for benefits. The longest was 17 years. The day is coming when we won’t know anyone, who knows anyone, who has a traditional “job”. The days of 40 hour work weeks, benefits and pensions are behind us.

Slavery has always been the preferred business model of private central banks. When government enters the equation, the combination of force and favor seal the servitude of the population. As Baron Rothschild said, “Our scheme is so ingenious, that those who profit by it will say nothing, and those that are beholden to it, will be silenced.” The renegotiation of Feudalism that is the Magna Carta is no document of freedom. It only codified the terms of slavery.
All subsequent agreements are just more nails in the coffins of just societies.

Whatever “ism” is on the rise, it’s all Corporatism. By treaty or indentured servitude, the debtor will always be servant to the lender. Whatever is in the news on a given day, it boils down to factions trying to gain position in the corporate structure. There is only one pie, and everyone wants the whole pie badly enough to go to war to get it.

This is the Achilles Heel of government. Government doesn’t produce anything. It only takes by threat of force, and redistributes wealth. the words “government” and “balance” can not be used in the same sentence, without marking the speaker as a liar and thief.

This is the latest pig in a poke that the Federal corporation is selling. They have never given anything to the people who work with there hands and talents, producing real things. Throughout history, taxation has enriched the privileged few, at the expense of the industrious. the United States has become a corporate slave state. People depend on government to rob their neighbors, for their gain. In the end, they are all beholden to the mercy of a tyrant.

Because silver has such a wide variety of uses, production has never outpaced demand. There is demand for everything the silver mines can turn out and the price will still go up. The fiat exchange rate will always be over-matched by real things, especially precious metals. Don’t believe me? Watch how many banks fail and currencies devalue, in 2012. Gold and silver are money. Paper is not money.

On this issue, I must disagree. We already have laws that deal with anyone acting as an agent of a foreign power. It is selective enforcement that I take exception to. Under existing law, every member of the Federal corporation should be in prison. Over the past 100 years, they have clearly imposed the will of foreign entities upon us. Compounding the severity of this present legislation is that it’s provisions are also found in the Enabling Acts that gave Hitler absolute power. It is interesting to note that a verbatim translation from the Nazi Law on Weapons is contained in the Omnibus Crime Control Act of 1968. To understand why we see this movement toward Draconian central government, we must know the stated position of central government, in the United States. In an earlier comment, I cited the passages from the Preamble to the Congressional Record. These statements identify Congress as a domestic enemy. Congress clearly identifies itself as an agent of a foreign power.

The quotes from the Preamble to the Congressional Record that I cited in another comment, on another site, are most interesting. They shed light on the current efforts toward world government.

Most people are unfamiliar with the Preamble to the Congressional Record. Each new Congress is required to record it’s own statement on the State of the Union. That is where it is found. It is important to know the background of a crisis to understand the response to it. Following are quotes from the record.

“Congress acknowledges that the State of Emergency in Agriculture, declared in 1934, did abrogate certain civil liberties. The emergency has continued through WW II, to the recent Korean Conflict. However, certain provisions of the State of Emergency must be maintained, in order to support the United Nations in it’s efforts to establish and maintain world peace”

– P. to the C. R. 1953

“We recognize that most people in the United States, having lived under a State of Emergency all of their lives, have known no other circumstance. We see no distinction between a State of Emergency, and a State of War.”

– P. to the C. R. 1973

From these two official statements, we see that the present circumstances are no accident. Congress committed our lives and property to service to a foreign power. This mercenary relationship is one of the foreign entanglements that we were warned about. As long as Congress remains complicit in these efforts of world conquest, the people of the United States have a stone tied around their necks. The United States will be dragged down with the rest of the world, because national sovereignty was abandoned, before most of us were born. Now, I know why I first heard my grandfather say that the country was going to Hell in a hand basket. I was a very little boy, at the time.

Poking a hornet’s nest with a stick is always a dangerous thing to do. You can’t fly as fast as they can.

A shock wave in the air, that rattles that wide an area, would have to be huge. At the very least, the auditory reaction would be mentioned, before any sensation of shaking. To cause floors to shake, the sound would have to be deafening.

“Slower growth” would be a stay of execution. The markets will measure the severity of the contraction. Stock up on water, food and shelter.

I’m glad it wasn’t 6 miles deep. We had better watch out, now. This recent pattern points to bigger events, around the world.


That’s what we try to do. The next one we reach, could be more important than we know.

This will be a week of downgrades. The official statements out of Europe are indicating that the Euro has become much more toxic, in the last 48 hours.

I tried to warn people about this possibility, especially when I wrote “Wage Slave: 2012″. People have no idea what is coming, and it all will be “legal”. We are reliving 1930s Germany  

The nagging thought that refuses to go away is that the consequences of failing to recover full restitution of damages will be disastrous. The possibility of a prolonged and deep collapse in the housing market could have lasting negative effects for a very long time.

That is an understatement. If the market hasn’t priced in the end of the Euro, many will find themselves running around in a blizzard, in their underwear. The official statements of the past 48 hours have national banks preparing for the end of the Euro. The news this week should have enough twists and turns to keep the markets hopping.

It’s a fact of life. Those that agree to be regulated, will be regulated. Accepting benefits from a tyrant makes one the property of the tyrant.

If we define material wealth by what we physically possess, the decline in the past 30 years is shocking and dramatic. In the past few years, the largest purchaser of water rights in the Western U. S. is China. When jobs were outsourced to other countries, a lot of industrial tooling went with them. The tooling to fabricate the bodies of 1969 Chevrolet Camaros is owned by a company in Taiwan. The fastest growing “industry” in the U. S. is the private prison labor system, lead by Swedish corporation, Wackenhut. The power distribution grid in Ohio is owned by a German company. Does all of this point to a bad end?

That’s human nature. One man sticks his neck out, and another steps up to hang him. As I recall, the UK had to be browbeaten for years to enter the EU. As was described then, and has proven to be now, the concept of a united Europe is a financial vampire.

The connection between recruitment services and actual production of goods and services is very thin. The underlying foundation of the job market is an environment of selling into declining markets. For any efforts to increase the labor pool, there must be an increased demand for what the labor pool does. These recruiting efforts are trying to create a market, without support for it.,%20the%20survival%20rate%20for%20everyone%20drops%20to%20zero)


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